Emma Anderson Minshall

Measuring Outcomes & Celebrating Successes

Congratulations, teacher! You’ve worked hard all year long to hone your craft and deliver high-quality instruction to your students with disabilities. By now, you know them better than you could have imagined when the school year began last fall. You’ve built strong relationships and seen inspiring growth in their academic and personal goals. Now, you’re in the home stretch with summer vacation just around the corner. With all the hard work you’ve poured into this school year, let’s be sure to end well.

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Daily Implementation Guides

Let’s DIG into enCORE with brand new Daily Implementation Guides. Daily Implementation Guides (‘DIGs’) are daily planning resources for teachers who use enCORE. The DIGs make the daily planning process simpler and more supportive for teachers to implement enCORE as it was designed to be delivered – using both print- and technology-based lessons. We know it can take a while to learn the ropes when onboarding to a robust curriculum, and now teachers have the daily planning tools to get the most out of enCORE!

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