Daily Implementation Guides

New Daily Planning Resources for Teachers


Let’s DIG into enCORE with brand new Daily Implementation Guides!

Daily Implementation Guides (‘DIGs’) are daily planning resources for teachers who use enCORE.

The DIGs make the daily planning process simpler and more supportive for teachers to implement enCORE as it was designed to be delivered – using both print- and technology-based lessons. We know it can take a while to learn the ropes when onboarding to a robust curriculum, and now teachers have the daily planning tools to get the most out of enCORE!

They show teachers how to move through the specific lesson plan for each academic domain by providing a clear list of:

  • Objectives for each day
  • Materials needed
  • Segment number from lesson plan (where teachers can find the procedure(s) for instruction)
  • Teacher-led lessons that correspond with the objective/instruction
  • Supplemental materials (if applicable)

DIGs provide the titles of the teacher-led technology lessons that correspond with each lesson plan to ensure teachers get access to the most meaningful student outcome data on a particular skill as they monitor student progress and develop IEP goals.

There is a DIG for every single lesson plan in enCORE – that’s 792 total DIGs across enCORE Elementary, Middle and High School!

Where Can I Find the DIGs?

Daily Implementation Guides are available in two places within the Curriculum Tab in the enCORE platform – in the Units tab as well as in the Resources folder.

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To locate the Daily Implementation Guide by Unit, first navigate to the desired Unit, Book or Lesson Plan, and Subject Area. The Daily Implementation Guide will be the first item that appears in the list of curriculum resources, indicating to teachers that this should be the first item they look at when planning the day’s instruction.

For example, in the image below, the Daily Implementation Guide for Unit 7: Princess and the Pea, is shown first.

The Daily Implementation Guides are also available by clicking on the Lesson Plans and Bundles button, where you can easily preview or download the PDF.

To view the DIGs by academic domain, navigate to the Resources tab. They are listed in chronological order by subject area.

How do the DIGs work alongside other planning documents?

Teachers who use enCORE now have 3 kinds of planning documents:

  • Scope & Sequence
  • Implementation Guides
  • Daily Implementation Guides

Think of them from broad to narrow. The Scope & Sequence offers a big picture look at the progression of learning objectives for each academic domain and subdomain across a year. The Implementation Guides offer a sample unit-at-a-glance (4-6 week plan) to show how teachers may consider structuring each day of the week to incorporate the different components and subjects within enCORE (e.g., structuring an ELA block in the morning and Math time in the afternoon). The Daily Implementation Guides provide specific details about what exactly is needed for each individual day of instruction.

Can I see a few examples?

Yes! Check out sample DIGs by clicking the links below:

Now let’s DIG into enCORE with Daily Implementation Guides!

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