On-Site Coaching

On-site coaching uses a highly individualized and hands-on approach to supporting teachers in their journey with TeachTown solutions. Prior to each teacher visit, TeachTown coaches examine data reports documenting the individual teacher’s program usage and his/her students’ progress in the program. Coaches then bring the data to the classrooms to review directly with the teacher, highlighting areas of success and troubleshooting areas of concern. In addition, coaches address teacher questions and concerns with issues like scheduling, customization of the program to best fit student needs, and other program or student-specific issues. Coaches are also prepared to provide additional, individualized training in any aspects of the program where teachers need support.

On-site coaching is designed to be an ongoing support for teachers, assisting them through initial implementation, ongoing troubleshooting and data analysis, and decision-making regarding individualization for specific students. When considering how to maximize the long-term efficacy of coaching support, teacher success increases with consistent support over time.

Initially, on-site coaching is most effective when scheduled after teachers have received training and have had time to implement the program in their classrooms. This initial coaching allows teachers to examine their early program usage and student response to the program with our experts and resolve any issues they may have encountered quickly. They leave the coaching sessions with strategies for improving implementation and student outcomes, as well as a greater understanding of what is already working for their students.

Specific topics that can be addressed in initial coaching sessions:

  • Strategies for scheduling/increasing program usage, including length of session and sessions per week
  • How to increase student progress for students who are struggling
  • How to accelerate the program to challenge students who are experiencing high rates of success
  • Individualized modifications and customizations that can be used for students who are struggling or are experiencing attention or behavior challenges
  • How to use generalization lesson effectively for all students
  • How to use available supports (i.e., training guide, visual supports on website, etc.)
  • How to access and use data reports

Specific topics that can be addressed in on-going coaching sessions:

  • How program usage has changed since previous coaching session
  • How strategies for struggling students are working and what additional strategies may be appropriate
  • How strategies to accelerate students are working and what additional strategies may be appropriate
  • How individual modifications and customizations are working for specific students and what additional strategies may be appropriate
  • How to collect and use generalization data; how to make generalization lessons and other supports part of classroom culture
  • How to use available supports to address current student-specific issues
  • How data reports are informing program use and progress

If you’d like more information, schedule a consultation with a member of our team.