Language Accelerator

Appropriate for PreK and Elementary students with disabilities

A technology-based language development intervention program for PreK-Elementary students with disabilities.

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Computer-Assisted Instruction

Deliver personalized language intervention at scale to help young learners succeed!

TeachTown Language Accelerator is a technology-based language intervention program designed for PreK and Elementary students with disabilities. Language Accelerator equips classroom teachers and school-based SLPs to provide language intervention at scale to help address their students’ current language deficits and prevent later language and academic difficulties. It is an essential component of early intervention for any student with developmental language disorder and/or language delays.

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How Does Language Accelerator Work? 

Language Accelerator is easy to use! Students love interacting with the engaging videos and visuals while working on targeted language skills that are unique to their learning profile. The personalized nature of the program ensures that each student is getting the ‘just right’ level of instruction to help them make measurable gains.

Language Accelerator begins with a placement assessment that measures students’ language skills across 6 language domains:

  • Semantics
  • Morphology
  • Syntax
  • Pragmatics
  • Phonology
  • Symbolic representation

The placement assessment allows facilitators to quickstart instruction as the program automatically assigns lessons at students’ individual developmental language level.

Next, students begin working on their personalized language developmental goals through a combination of teacher-led and student-led technology lessons. Most instruction will occur in a 1:1 setting, though teacher-led lessons may be appropriate for a small group of students who share similar areas of need.

Language Accelerator provides over 600 instructional lessons across 6 language domains.

Concepts are taught through concept instruction videos (CIVs) and multiple lesson types, including receptive label, scene displays, and categorization. Concept instruction videos include a variety of images and provide brief descriptions and information about the concept. This supports students building deep language knowledge, promotes generalization, and increases the amount of language to which students are exposed. Here’s an example of how this works for the concept banana.

Language Accelerator Concept Instruction Videos

Here we see how students learn to make connections between the name of the object (banana) and several of its characteristics and descriptors (yellow, fruit, has a peel).

Language Accelerator Bingo Card

Supplemental Resources

In addition to the technology lessons, facilitators will both enjoy the numerous supplemental resources in the form of printable PDFs to further enrich students’ language development practice. Some resources (Bingo cards, Core Word Flashcards) tie directly to the concepts from lessons and some are meant to supplement educator-led sessions in general (Game Boards and Token Boards). There are also resources that focus on certain aspects of language development, such as handouts that can be given to families as well as ones for teachers that offer suggestions on how to promote that skill at home and in the classroom. See sample bingo card to the right. Students practice animal identification with this supplemental resource.

Sample Reports

Use Student Data to Support Multidisciplinary Collaboration

With Language Accelerator, teachers and SLPs have access to the same student data, allowing for increased collaboration to contribute to a whole child approach to a student’s needs. They can work together to analyze student progress in each of the six language domains and update IEP goals and progress monitoring notes accordingly. Language Accelerator reports are also easy to print and share with parents and caregivers. Families who access the reporting will be able to see their student’s growth over time in each of the six language domains.

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