TeachTown Basics

Appropriate for developmental ages 2-10 and chronological ages 2-22

Enhance your students’ learning with evidence-based instruction proven to work.

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TeachTown Basics ABA Therapy

For more than 10 years, TeachTown’s solutions have been designed to support continuity and intensity of instruction in any setting – whether that’s in-person, hybrid or remote-based learning.

TeachTown Basics offers a blend of computer-delivered and teacher-led Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) instruction proven to increase a student’s vocabulary, listening skills, social-emotional development, independence, academics and cognitive skills.

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TeachTown Basics ABA Therapy

The solution automatically adapts based on each individual’s progress providing meaningful instruction to all students with moderate to severe disabilities. Student data is recorded, analyzed and organized into reports providing teachers with effective and automated progress monitoring tools.

By using embedded games and animated episodes as systematic reinforcement, students are actively engaged in TeachTown lessons, helping to build student independence and increase motivation. TeachTown lessons can be aligned to Common Core standards, state-specific standards and student IEP goals to address a variety of educational needs.

TeachTown Basics Learning Domains

Learning Domains

Six Key Learning Domains and Five Developmental Levels

  • Adaptive Skills
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Language Arts
  • Language Development
  • Mathematics
  • Social and Emotional
TeachTown Basics Generalization

Generalization Lessons

Software alone is not enough and TeachTown Basics is a complete program. We don’t believe in the “teacher in a box” approach. Generalization lessons are a fundamental part of the program and of any ABA therapy. Such lessons are necessary for students to demonstrate acquired skills in a different educational setting.

Our program offers 300 generalization lessons that are clearly and explicitly written, making the lessons easy to implement for educators, para-educators, and caregivers. The curriculum for the generalization lessons includes the same 6 learning domains and 5 levels as the computer curriculum, and each activity is linked to one or more lessons in the TeachTown Basics software.

There are numerous opportunities for individualizing the generalization lessons. A sliding ability curriculum map within each activity makes it easy to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of students with varying ability levels:

  • Make it Easy: Provides a modified learning objective or additional prompting to make the lesson easier.
  • Make it Hard: Increases the difficulty level of the learning objective, promoting expressive language and skill independence.
  • Make it Fun: Further promotes generalization by including fun, engaging, and interactive components to the lesson.
  • Make it Meaningful: Provides suggestions on how to make the lesson more meaningful for the student, promoting generalization in other environments and across multiple individuals.
  • Related Activities: Suggests other activities that further address the learning objective and similar related skills.
TeachTown IEP

Align Instruction to Student IEPs

Teachers and facilitators have the ability to align the TeachTown curriculum to individual student goals and objectives. After inputting a student goal in the TeachTown system, facilitators have the ability to assign lessons that address each student’s specific goals. Progress reports and graphs are automatically generated, providing data on student-specific goals that is easily communicated with a student’s educational team and family members.

Our program offers 300 generalization lessons that are clearly and explicitly written, making the lessons easy to implement for educators, para-educators, and caregivers.

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