Webinar Training

School/District Training

Participants can access the webinar training from any computer via the Internet and can call into the audio portion of the conference using a toll-free conference line. This flexibility allows participants to gather in a central location for the training or access the training individually from a variety of locations. The trainer will remotely lead the participants through the training presentation, exploring the curriculum and addressing relevant skills as they go. Participants will move through the process of setting up the curriculum(s) for their individual classrooms, just as in the on-site training, and will leave the training prepared to implement the curriculum.

Like the on-site training, this training can be individualized as needed for your school district and participants. It is best suited for introducing one of our two curriculums to your faculty and staff members and provides an excellent platform for them to jump into our curriculums and get going!

Parent Training

This 1-hour, comprehensive training was designed to give parents the information, insights and skills they need to successfully implement the TeachTown Basics program with their child. The trainer will review all components of the online curriculum, as well as the generalization lessons that can be implemented in the home environment, and will help the parents set up their child’s account. Parents will also have the opportunity to customize the program, with the guidance of the TeachTown trainer, to fit their child’s individual strengths and needs.

Finally, trainers will share with parents all of the additional supports, including web-based tutorials, scheduling and troubleshooting suggestions, and visual supports, that parents can access as they begin using the program at home. Parents will leave the training not only understanding how the program works but also how to make the program work for their child!

To learn more, please call (800) 283-0165 or email clientservices@teachtown.com.