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Our suite of special education curriculum software offers students with moderate to severe disabilities equitable and inclusive access to the general education curriculum and the individualized interventions that support their success.

As special educators, we all have the same goal: providing our students with comprehensive learning opportunities that pave the way for educational and personal success.

To that end, our award-winning adapted core curriculum solutions and supporting interventions deliver a whole-child approach. We help you measurably improve your students’ academic, behavioral, and adaptive skills – from Pre-K through the transition years.

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Discover our award-winning adapted core curriculum: enCORE

Curriculum Software for Kindergarten – 12th Grade

Offer your K-12 students the ONLY standards-based, adapted core-curriculum based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) that provides access to the general education curriculum.

enCORE drives measurable student improvement (a 69% student growth rate between pre- and post- test scores!), while ensuring all of your students have equitable, inclusive access to an adapted core curriculum.

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Teacher and Student

Designed to target general education standards via socially and developmentally-appropriate, research-based instruction, enCORE supports personalized instruction and automated data collection aligned to your students’ IEPs and skill levels.

Through interactive content, visuals, illustration and storytelling, our adapted core curriculum enCORE represents the diversity and multiculturalism of the population of students it serves. Bonus – student engagement and knowledge retention skyrockets as a result!

TeachTown Self-Regulation

enCORE’s advanced blended learning model includes hands-on, teacher-led lessons and technology-facilitated, individualized student-led lessons. Our teacher guides, student workbooks, adapted reading library and hands-on manipulatives and materials bring ease and efficiency to the lives of teachers.

enCORE Elementary is designed to serve students in grades K-5. This curriculum includes 36 units of instruction (18 units for K-2, and 18 units for 3-5) across ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Each unit contains a fiction and associated nonfiction book that anchors the instruction across all four domains. Lessons are completely scripted and differentiated with 3 levels of support for all students.

enCORE Middle School serves students in grades 6-8 and includes 27 units of instruction. Each unit contains an adapted chapter book and two corresponding companion texts. Science content covers Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. Social Studies includes U.S. History, World History, Civics, and Government.

enCORE High School launched in 2022 for students in grades 9-12 and all lessons include high school-appropriate coursework, an expanded adapted library, and opportunities to work on transition skills.

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Looking for a whole-child approach that promotes student growth?

Complex learners are interested in stories, songs, science, and sports—just like their typically developing peers. Neurodivergent students want to be successful in the classroom, on the court, and at their future companies—just like their typically developing peers. Students with disabilities thrive when they are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged—just like their typically developing peers

The whole-child approach honors the humanity of each student. From early childhood through the transition years, students are multifaceted learners with nuanced strengths, needs, and abilities.

While reading comprehension and math competency are foundational skills and critically important for K-12 education, so, too, are the abilities to self-advocate, problem-solve, manage time, and develop healthy peer relationships.

That’s why we created our state standards-aligned, adapted curriculum, enCORE, alongside our key, supporting interventions that address the adaptive, social, and behavioral needs of students.

With TeachTown’s special education programs, school districts have the tools they need to deliver a measurable, whole child education for students with moderate to severe disabilities.

Meta-Play TeachTown Solution
18 months – 4 years

TeachTown’s Meta-Play solution offers a systematic, play-based approach to fostering the development of imagination and play skills in young children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), intellectual disabilities, developmental delays, and social and emotional disabilities.

teachtown basics
Developmental 2-10 Years

TeachTown Basics offers a blend of computer-delivered and teacher-led ABA instruction proven to increase a student’s vocabulary, listening skills, social-emotional development, independence, functional academics, adaptive and cognitive skills.

teachtown social skills logo
Primary-Secondary School

TeachTown Social Skills is available for your primary and secondary school students. This comprehensive intervention offers animated video-modeling episodes, teacher-delivered lesson plans and student activities.

TeachTown Health and Wellness
Elementary – Transition

Health & Wellness teaches students with extensive support needs about essential health and safety skills, including how to minimize the spread of germs.

transition to adulthood
Secondary – Post-Secondary

Transition to Adulthood is an evidence-based intervention that uses point-of-view video modeling, task analyses, computer-based lessons, teacher-delivered lessons and visual supports to help teach a range of essential, functional skills for students with moderate to severe disabilities.

slp assist teachtown solution
18 months – Elementary

TeachTown’s SLP Assist brings ease and efficiency to school-based SLPs who are often tasked with managing large caseloads of students. Our technology-driven speech and language lessons support students’ SLP goals with tailored objectives and personalized content.

be safe teachtown solution
Middle School – Transition

TeachTown’s BE SAFE solution is an intervention designed to help teens and adults with moderate to severe disabilities learn how to interact appropriately with law enforcement, as well as how to handle emergency situations.

Professional Development
Continuing Education

As part of our commitment to improving student performance and teacher satisfaction, we offer various types of professional development solutions — on-site training, webinars, online courses and more – that support the solutions and improve outcomes even further.

Like you, we are deeply committed to the academic and personal success of students with moderate to severe disabilities. We partner with school districts across the nation to deliver a standards-based, adapted curriculum alongside supporting interventions that address the whole child needs of complex learners. We are changing the conversation in special education with a comprehensive whole child approach for students with moderate to severe disabilities. Join us, and be part of the story. 

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TeachTown users believe in our special education curriculum and we know you will, too!

Student reading in the classroom

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Learning to read is a process, and that process is not the same for all learners.

However you learned to read, education scientists and thought leaders in literacy instruction agree that there is a science to the process. In other words, there is standardized, validated research behind how children learn to read, though students move forward in their reading journeys at different rates and may need differing levels of support.

This blog presents an overview of the Science of Reading research, as well as a detailed breakdown of how TeachTown’s K-12 adapted core curriculum, enCORE, incorporates the key components of the Science of Reading in its English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum.

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