Appropriate for Kindergarten to 12th Grade

Provide equitable, inclusive access to the general education curriculum with a K-12 standards-aligned and evidence-based adapted core curriculum.

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ABA curriculum for students with disabilities

enCORE is a standards-based, adapted core curriculum based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) that provides students with moderate and severe disabilities access to the general education curriculum.

ABA curriculum for students with disabilities

The solution is designed to utilize adapted grade-aligned content, high-quality, differentiated literature and integrated technology for teaching children with autism, as well as other intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  • Standards-based, core curriculum, ABA curriculum
  • Adapted grade-aligned content
  • Integrated technology
  • Evidence-based
  • High-quality, differentiated literature
  • Access to general education curriculum
  • Comprehensive whole classroom solution
  • ELA domain is based specifically on the Science of Reading

High-Quality Literature

enCORE’s classroom libraries contain classic and modern literature books written at each of three levels – for those students needing the most support to those needing less. Each book provides visual supports in the story. For enCORE Elementary, each book anchors the instruction contained in the enCORE lessons. For both enCORE Middle School and enCORE High School, the adapted libraries also include short, content-rich companion texts that provide valuable domain-specific content across ELA, Science and Social Studies and serve as a vital instructional tool.

Integrated Technology

The integrated technology provides teachers easy access to enCORE lessons. enCORE’s teacher-delivered lessons support all the ways you use technology in your classroom. enCORE’s lessons are designed to be used with your whole class, in small groups, or with individual students and automates the selection and delivery of lessons while providing real-time data tracking.

A Blended Approach

Meet the wide array of learning and behavioral needs in your classroom with a strategic blend of hands-on, teacher-led instruction and technology-facilitated lessons. Every single unit and lesson segment in enCORE is structured to flow through a gradual release of responsibility, guiding students from exposure to mastery. Whether you’re modeling how to make a prediction during a read aloud in a whole group setting, practicing single-digit addition in small groups with discrete trial training, or monitoring student progress during independent work time, enCORE helps you do it all because your students need it all. Teachers have the flexibility to structure their classrooms based on their student needs, technology, and support professionals.

The result? Instruction is tailored to individual student IEP goals and learning objectives. Academics and behaviors improve because learning is ‘just right’ for each student.

Program Components

Through comprehensive and consistent content, enCORE offers flexible implementation and delivery models to best meet the needs of your students with autism. New and veteran teachers alike are equipped with scripted, differentiated lesson plans that anchor all instruction with what works. Whether you’re brand new to teaching or entering your 20th year in the classroom, our teacher guides give you everything you need to be successful in your classroom.
Down syndrome student reading adapted curriculum literature

enCORE Licensing
TeachTown is proud to support the continuity of service with license flexibility. Each student’s account provides access to as many teachers, paraprofessionals, service providers, etc. as needed to support the student. The backend of TeachTown streamlines and automates the licensing process, simplifying onboarding and implementation processes. Additionally, enCORE is offered as a K-12 solution! enCORE teachers have access to all grade bands, regardless of the grade(s) they teach, further supporting differentiation to meet individual student learning needs.

Teacher Editions
Available in print and online, enCORE lesson plans are laid out in an easy to follow consistent design across all four learning domains. Lesson plans contain explicit and systematic instruction across a variety of learning modalities. There are twelve special educator guides across enCORE’s K-2 and 3-5 grade spans. Each guide covers three enCORE Units – for a total of 36 Units from K-5.

Assessment Manuals
Available in print and online, each enCORE unit contains a Unit Assessment covering key skills and reflecting the form of alternative assessment your students are likely to encounter.

Literature Library
Available in print and online are engaging fiction and non-fiction books written at each of three levels, divided into two classroom libraries.

Student Workbooks
Available in print and online are activity worksheets for students that can be purchased as a per student booklet.

Manipulatives Kit
The enCORE manipulative kit includes all of the hands-on materials you will need, and that will thoroughly engage your students.

Lesson Plans

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English Language Arts    Math    Science    Social Studies

Instructional Strategies

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Zero and Four Second Delay        Principles of Reinforcement       Task Analytic Instruction

Model-Lead-Test Science of Reading

Standards-Based Reporting

Reports show individual student progress of student-led and teacher-led tech lessons by state or national standard. Progress is documented as In Progress, Passed At Pretest, or Mastered. How do teachers use standards-based reporting?

  • Show student work that is aligned to standards
  • Identify lessons aligned to a given standard
  • Support progress monitoring documentation for IEP progress reports & annual IEP meetings
  • Meeting state or district reporting requirements
  • Inform future instruction with targeted small groups or individual intervention

TeachTown Benchmark Assessments

TeachTown Benchmark Assessments include 190 assessments (average 10-15 items each) across ELA, Math, & Early Learning skills in enCORE. They have been designed to help you monitor your students’ progress on an individual skill over time and show growth. As such, we recommend teachers administer benchmark assessments 3 times per school year: beginning of year, middle of year, and end of year.

All benchmark assessments are available in 3 formats: as printable PDFs, teacher-facilitated technology lessons, & student-led technology lessons. Each individual assessment includes 3 different forms (A, B, C) to ensure test validity as students retest on a skill over time.

TeachTown Benchmark Assessments include reports that provide the raw score, percentage, and item analysis and direct you to the units in enCORE that will drive progress on students’ skill levels.

TeachTown teachers now have even more tools to provide data-driven, personalized instruction and develop strong IEP goals and maintain compliance!

Progress Monitoring

Reporting is available at the district, school/campus, classroom, and individual student level. Data from teacher-led technology lessons and independent student-led lessons is combined thereby providing an ongoing and accurate picture of student performance and progress.

enCORE supports reporting student performance by domain and skill, IEP goals, and state standards. All student data is captured – whether they are using enCORE’s technology-based lessons at school or at home.

Unit Assessments

enCORE’s unit assessments are specifically written and aligned to each unit. The scope, sequence and instructional scaffold allow educators to monitor student progress on skills across academic domains using one assessment for all students.

Based on student responding, the assessment indicates the level of support or understanding of the content prior to instruction, helping to guide instructional decisions and pacing. For example, after a ceiling of two or more incorrect responses the assessment indicates what level of question the student was able to answer, helping teachers to identify the level of support that each student requires within the unit. Point to the picture of the eyes. Unit 2, SCI Level 1, Question 12 Teacher Script: These are eyes. Point to the other picture that shows eyes.

To meet the needs of all students, enCORE’s unit assessments are available on multiple platforms. Unit Assessments are printed in the Teacher Testing Manual and via interactive, technology-based lessons. Paper-and-pencil assessments are designed to look and feel like statewide alternate assessments.

Daily Implementation Guides

Daily Implementation Guides (‘DIGs’) are daily planning resources for teachers who use enCORE. The DIGs make the daily planning process simpler and more supportive for teachers to implement enCORE as it was designed to be delivered – using both print- and technology-based lessons. We know it can take a while to learn the ropes when onboarding to a robust curriculum, and now teachers have the daily planning tools to get the most out of enCORE!

To learn more, watch the on-demand enCORE solution webinar.

enCORE’s results speak for themselves!

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