Primary Social Skills

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Social Skills Curriculum: Appropriate for ages 4-8

TeachTown Social Skills has been designed for students with moderate and severe disabilities who often need extra support when it comes to mastering social skills, which is why we created a Primary School Social Skills solution.

This comprehensive curriculum and assessment teaches socially-valid skills through animated video-modeling episodes, teacher-delivered lesson plans, and student activities. In Primary School Social Skills, students follow the adventures of four fun, relatable animated characters as they learn to cooperate, listen, respect personal space, express emotions appropriately, and more. Each target social skill is introduced and illustrated in a two to three-minute animated episode and is part of a series of six days of lessons that include methods for differentiating instruction, generalization activities, and homework assignments. Primary School Social Skills is designed for students who have a minimum language level of 4 years.

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are designed to be implemented daily and sequentially, however implementation can be flexible to meet the diverse needs of classrooms and learners.

Day 1: Priming
Our primary school social skills curriculum starts with preparing students to learn the skill.

Day 2: Introduction
Introduce animated video model

Day 3: Social Comic
A unique aspect of our social skills curriculum for elementary students with autism is the creation of comic books, where students can retell the story.

Day 4: Perspective Taking
Guide students on taking the characters’ perspectives

Day 5: Generalization Lesson
Teach across environments, people and materials

Day 6: Extension Activity
Guide students in predicting and implementing alternate solutions

Interactive Activities

  • Each target social skill includes one Interactive Activity. This is an activity that the student can work on independently to improve their comprehension of the Primary School Social Skills episodes and their ability to make inferences about social situations. The Interactive activities are designed to supplement the teacher-driven lesson plans and can be assigned as individual in-class activities or as homework.
  • The students will watch clips of the animated episode and will answer 5 multiple-choice questions (interspersed between clips) about the target skill. Each response option is paired with a picture for visual support.
  • The questions and response options will be read aloud to them, so even students who are not fluent readers will be able to access this activity.
  • Data will be collected on their correct responses out of a possible 5 and reported. This allows teachers to use this activity for progress monitoring.

Aligning to Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an implementation framework that is designed to enhance academic and social behavior outcomes for all students by (a) emphasizing the use of data for informing decisions about the selection implementation and progress monitoring of evidence-based practices, and (b) organizing resources and systems to improve durable implementation fidelity. Primary School Social Skills comprehensive curriculum and assessment utilizes evidence-based practices to teach socially valid behaviors and can be integrated into a PBIS framework easily.