TeachTown Social Skills Curriculum

Appropriate for PreK through the Transition Years

TeachTown’s social skills curriculum is designed for students aged 4-15 with moderate to severe disabilities. This comprehensive social skills curriculum teaches students these skills through:

  • Animated Video-modeling Episodes
  • Teacher-delivered Lesson Plans
  • Student Activities

Teach socially-valid skills with a proven social skills curriculum.

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Social Skills Curriculum Software for Elementary School

Social Skills Curriculum for Elementary School

TeachTown Social Skills (Primary) has been designed for students with moderate and severe disabilities who often need extra support when it comes to mastering social skills. This comprehensive curriculum teaches socially-valid skills through animated video-modeling episodes, teacher-delivered lesson plans and student activities. In the primary school domains, students follow the adventures of four fun, relatable, animated characters as they learn to cooperate, listen, respect personal space, express emotions appropriately and more. Each target social skill is introduced and illustrated in a 2- to 3-minute animated episode and is part of a series of six days of lessons that include methods for differentiating instruction, generalization activities and homework assignments.

Primary School Social Skills

Social Skills Curriculum Software for Middle School

Middle School Social Skills Curriculum

The secondary school domains of TeachTown Social Skills focus on increasing emotional intelligence and building self-management skills with modeling done with our elementary characters that have grown into middle schoolers. The program utilizes evidence-based practices such as Peer-Mediated Instruction and Intervention and visual supports to teach appropriate, positive social skills and replacement behaviors. Students practice the appropriate social skills in the school setting along with their peers, use interactive activities to build comprehension, and build their own social comics with the online Comic Strip Builder.

Secondary School Social Skills

Learn More About Targeted Skills and Behavioral Domains

TeachTown is a comprehensive social skills program designed to help students with autism and other developmental disabilities acquire essential skills and behaviors necessary for their daily life. The program uses evidence-based teaching methods to ensure that learners receive the best possible support and instruction.

TeachTown’s targeted skills are broken down into six categories: social communication, problem-solving, emotional regulation, social initiation, perspective-taking, and social awareness. Each category contains specific skills that are essential for individuals with developmental disabilities to learn.

TeachTown’s behavioral domains are designed to help learners develop skills and behaviors necessary for successful social interactions. The program’s behavioral domains include communication, social interaction, academic engagement, adaptive behavior, and challenging behavior.

Targeted Skills and Behavioral Domains

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Social Skills Curriculum FAQs

What is TeachTown Social Skills?

TeachTown Social Skills curriculum includes structured, scaffolded lesson plans, video models, resources, and progress-monitoring tools for teaching a variety of social expectations to students.

How can I access the TeachTown Social Skills curriculum?

The TeachTown Social Skills curriculum can be accessed by teachers, administrators, and students through a web browser on a desktop, laptop, or Chromebook or via an iPad app.

To log in on a desktop, laptop, or Chromebook, go to www.teachtown.com/login and enter your username and password.

To use an iPad app, download the TeachTown Social Skills app from the Apple App Store and log in using your username and password.

Who would benefit from the TeachTown Social Skills curriculum?

Implement the program with any of your students who need instruction on and support for the target social skills. To help promote social interaction and increase social opportunities, try to implement the social skills curriculum in a group setting. If appropriate, use peer models to increase inclusive social opportunities.

How is the Social Skills curriculum organized?

TeachTown Social Skills has content broken into two age ranges: primary (for younger students) and secondary school (for older students). Each of these age ranges is further broken down into domains and then individual skills. For each skill in the program, you have access to a video model, lesson plans, data collection tools, and independent student activities.  You will have access to all content in the program, regardless of the age range you teach.

I have a student whose chronological age is outside of the noted age ranges. Can I use the Social Skills curriculum with them?

Yes! If you feel your student will benefit from a target skill, you can use the program with them. In fact, this is the reason we provide access to all the content with one account! Keep in mind that if you are using a lesson geared toward a specific age range with a student outside of that range (such as a primary lesson with a secondary student), you may want to adapt lessons to be age appropriate.

What can students do when they log in to their Social Skills account?

Students will be able to access the Social Skills curriculum using the same username and password across all TeachTown programs. When students log in, they will only have access to the screeners, video models, and interactive activities that a facilitator has enabled.

Can I prevent my student from exiting the program?

On an iPad, you can set up guided access. Guided Access will lock your student into the app until you turn off guided access with a password.

What supports are embedded or available within the Social Skills curriculum for students with more complex learning needs?

TeachTown Social Skills offer a variety of options for differentiation and adaptation. A few of these include:

Each lesson plan has suggestions for differentiation to support students with a variety of skills and needs.

The computer-based Interactive Activities include a feature where the questions and response options are highlighted as they are read aloud. This makes the interactive activities accessible even if a student is not a fluent reader.

The comic strip builder is available in 2 different lengths for differentiation: a 3-panel comic strip and a 5-panel comic strip. Staff may provide the students with sentences or dialogue for the comic strip, and the students can place the characters. The comic strip builder could be projected onto an interactive whiteboard so that the students could manipulate the characters and objects on a larger scale, or it could be done as a group activity.