OneRoster Integration

This is an overview of the data which may be transmitted on a regular schedule to TeachTown systems via SFTP secure upload. All data conforms to the OneRoster 1.0 Standard. The benefit of setting up OneRoster Integration is to facilitate easy setup and maintenance of your district. Some of the primary benefits are stated below: 

  • Teacher and student accounts will be automatically created and associated with the correct school under your district account.
  • Teachers and students will be able to access TeachTown applications and make use of licenses available to each school.
  • Reporting capabilities will be fully supported to allow granular reporting down to the individual student, and also to support reports rolled up to teacher/classroom, school, and district levels.
  • Teachers will be assigned the correct permissions and given access to the correct students to work with them in TeachTown applications and to access reporting data as per District preferences.  


  • Preparing Your Organization for OneRoster
  • OneRoster Zip File
  • SFTP Access
  • Required OneRoster Files and Fields
  • orgs.csv
  • users.csv
  • enrollments.csv

Preparing Your Organization for OneRoster

Prior to setting up OneRoster, our Professional Services team needs to set up your School District account (a parent Organization in our system), plus a School Account (child Organization under the parent) for each school. We need to have these accounts established in order to connect your OneRoster integration with these accounts. Our professional Services team should be in touch with you regarding this.

OneRoster Zip File

The OneRoster 1.0 standard specifies a Zip file which contains the files described further on in this document. The Zip can be uploaded daily and will be processed by our system that evening. We will contact your IT department in order to establish SFTP credentials for your district. This can be done via RSA Authentication (we will require your public RSA key), or via username and password. You can inform us what the Zip file name will be and our system will look for and process that file.

SFTP Access

The TeachTown servers can receive OneRoster file via SFTP. The customer must provide us with the IP address of their server that will be uploading the file so that we can whitelist it in our system. We will set up SFTP credentials and provide to the customer. These will be similar to:

TeachTown server Hostname:

Protocol: SFTP over port 22

Customer Username: <tbd>
Customer Password: <tbd>

Path: Should not be required, or could be simply ./

Required OneRoster Files and Fields

The format of each file is standard comma-delimited data.


The following fields are required*.


Currently the only valid value for this field is ‘school‘. 


Your district’s unique internal identifier for each school.


Your district’s unique name for each school.


The following fields are required* in order to create teacher and student accounts. 


A unique identifier for each user.


This identifier must match with a sourcedId value found in orgs.csv, and indicates which organization this user is primarily associated with in the TeachTown system.


Valid entries are 

  • teacher
  • administrator  – user will be designated a district admin.
  • student


A string that uniquely identifies each user. This ideally should be the same as the sourcedId field in this file. It is the value which should be provided to the TeachTown system during a Single Sign On (SSO) operation using, for example,, ClassLink, or SAML SSO. 


Given Name


Family Name


Vaild email address, only required for users having role ‘teacher’ or ‘administrator’, however older students may have email addresses. 


Optional for users of type ‘student’. Usually an integer. 


The following fields are required*.


A unique identifier for this enrollment. This should be present in the file, but it’s value is not utilized by TeachTown’s OneRoster integration.


An identifier that groups together rows in this file, indicating which students are to be associated with a given teacher in the TeachTown system.


This identifier must match with a sourcedId value found in orgs.csv


This identifier must match with a sourcedId value found in users.csv


Valid entries are 

  • teacher
  • administrator  – this value should not normally be used in the enrollments file.
  • student

Either the ‘teacher’ or ‘administrator’ role will result in the association of the user to the group of students indicated in this file. Typically, this value will always be ‘teacher’. 


Should be set equal to the corresponding ‘username’ value from users.csv based on the user that matches based on ‘userSourcedId’.