Launch for PreK

Appropriate for ages 3 – 5 years

A comprehensive, inclusive early childhood special education curriculum

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Launch for PreK students
Ignite young minds and pave the way for a lifetime of learning with Launch for PreK

TeachTown Launch for PreK is a comprehensive, inclusive early childhood special education curriculum for students ages 3–5. Designed to meet the needs of young learners with developmental delays and disabilities as well as the peers who learn alongside them, Launch for PreK uses a thematic approach to provide equitable access to early childhood content and instruction. Celebrate diversity and inclusivity while targeting key global learning domains, including language, literacy, and social development.

Launch for PreK _ Image of Activity-Based Lesson Plans


A THEME-BASED curriculum allows teachers to address developmentally-appropriate skills for students with diverse learning needs and abilities. Instruction is fresh and engaging each week as students work toward mastery of learning goals at their own pace. There are 72 total themes designed to be covered over the course of 2 school years, with each theme covering one week of preschool instruction.

Teachers have access to whole group and small group classroom-based activity lesson plans with leveled differentiation; teacher guides; parent communication supports lessons, centers materials guide, and parent communication support.

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A PLAY-FOCUSED curriculum allows teachers to create classrooms in which students have consistent opportunities to practice meaningful skills in their natural learning environment: through play! Play is supported through activity-based lesson plans that include circle time, story time, fine motor and art skills, gross motor movement activities, music and songs, sensory exploration, physical materials and theme-based manipulatives for hands-on learning, and much more!

Launch for PreK Children's Library


A LANGUAGE-RICH curriculum allows teachers to provide systematic instruction in communication and language development, the learning domain in which the most early childhood students need the most support. From singing and playing to listening and interacting with texts, Launch for PreK prioritizes students’ language development through multiple mediums and means of accessibility.

The Launch for PreK Children’s Library includes 144 children’s books that cover folk stories & classic literature, modern storybooks, & concept books. Teachers can celebrate diversity and inclusivity through the characters, content, and genres that represent the students we serve and the world we live in!

Differentiation to Meet Needs of All Learners

The Children’s Library story books boast innovative differentiation within each book. With internally adaptable text, teachers have the ability to adjust the text complexity and length according to their students’ needs.

Teachers may choose to differentiate based on their students’ readiness to learn. This may shift based on the time of day, number of students in the group, or time during the school year.


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A DATA-DRIVEN curriculum allows teachers to use information on student progress to inform how they use the curriculum alongside TeachTown PreK interventions (Social Skills, Basics, Meta-Play, and Language Accelerator) to support student growth and areas of specific need. Teachers have access to ongoing curriculum-based assessment data through technology lessons, which are leveled by student ability and available for group instruction as well as independent student use.

Additionally, Launch for PreK includes observational assessments and benchmark assessments designed to monitor progress on key early learning standards and developmental milestones over time. These assessments may be used as the primary assessment tools for PreK students or they may be used alongside other common early childhood assessments, such as the ABLLS-R and Brigance, to inform instruction and guide education decisions.

*Recommended technology use is consistent with typical State guidelines for early childhood screen time.


Program Components

• Activity-Based Lesson Plans
• PreK Library (144 total books)
• Manipulatives Kit & Theme Kit
• Launch Around the World (age-appropriate current events)
• Developmental Assessments
• Technology Activities *
*Technology instruction is an essential component of Launch for PreK to collect data and deliver targeted instruction; recommended technology use is consistent with typical State guidelines for early childhood screen time.

Targeted Early Learning Domains

• Approaches to Play and Learning
• Social Relationships and Emotional Development
• Communication and Language Development
• Adaptive Skills and Independent Functioning
• Emerging Literacy Skills
• Creative Development
• Physical Development and Motor Skills
• Emerging Math, Science, and Social Studies Skills
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility in Launch for PreK

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

TeachTown Launch for PreK curriculum shares stories that include and/or focus on people of various cultural groups, racial and/or ethnic groups, ability groups, communication modalities, and visible supports.

Alignment to Standards and Best Practices

Aligned with state early childhood standards, nationally recognized early childhood assessment tools, and curriculum recommendations of the National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

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