enCORE High School

Appropriate for 9th to 12th Grade

Offer your students the ONLY standards-based, adapted core-curriculum based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) that provides access to the general education curriculum.

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enCORE Science and Social Studies

enCORE is the only standards-based, adapted core-curriculum based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) that provides students with moderate and severe disabilities access to the general education curriculum.

enCORE High School
Data and outcomes-driven

TeachTown’s enCORE High School curriculum drives measurable student improvement and IEP progression while ensuring all students have equitable, inclusive access to an adapted core curriculum that targets both general education standards via socially and developmentally-appropriate, research-based instruction and represents the diversity and multiculturalism of the population of students it serves.

Get to know the key features that are exclusive to enCORE High School 

  • Classroom lessons leveled by student ability; teacher guides plus student workbooks and resources
  • Technology lessons for group instruction or independent student use leveled by student ability
  • Adaptive library with 252 distinctive texts at multiple levels adapted to student needs
  • Manipulative kit with physical materials used to implement classroom lessons via hands-on learning
  • enCORE Events with newsletters, lessons and worksheets based on world issues and current events
  • Unit assessments designed for pre- and post- instruction evaluation

Did you know that enCORE High School’s adapted library features 36 units of custom built high school content? This includes 36 chapter books and 216 companion texts across multiple domains!

Sample Literature

Continuing Genres (similar to enCORE Elementary and Middle School): Classical Fiction, Modern Fiction, Historical Nonfiction, Contemporary Nonfiction, Speeches, Biographies, Poetry

New Genres: Epics, Short Stories, Essays, Periodical, Persuasive Texts

Sample Literature Texts: The Odyssey, Pride and Prejudice, Up from Slavery, Great Expectations, Moby Dick, King Lear

Poetry of: Langston Hughes, Walt Whitman, Maya Angelou, Emily Dickinson, Kahil Gibran, Robert Frost

Biographies of: Jesse Owens, Sacagawea, Ellen Ochoa, Wilma Rudolph, Yo-Yo Ma, William Shakespeare

Take a peek at our sample coursework by domain


Reading:  Foundational Skills, Reading Text, & Comprehension

Writing:  Narrative, Informative, Persuasive, Argumentative



Algebraic Reasoning: Data Analysis & Probability Functions

Geometry Measurement Number


Logic Financial Literacy 

ABA curriculum for students with disabilities

Life Science: Cell Theory, Cell Parts & Functions, Development of Living Organisms

Earth and Space Science: Earth Structure, Earth Systems and Patterns

Physical Science: Energy and Motion, Chemistry and Matter 

Social Studies

World History:  Early History; The Middle Ages, World Wars; Globalization

U.S. History: U.S. Expansion; The Civil War; The New Deal; Civil Rights Era

Civics and Government: Citizenship, Government’s Role Economics

One of the key benefits of enCORE High School is that Transition to Adulthood is included in both the student-led technology lessons and in each unit’s classroom-based lesson plans for all four domains.

What sets us apart from other special education curriculum providers?

  • ONLY proven, evidenced-based approach founded on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Advanced blended learning techniques including hands-on, technology-facilitated teacher and individualized online sessions
  • Machine learning that drives personalized instruction and automated data collection aligned to student IEPs and skill level
  • Heightened student engagement and knowledge retention through interactive content, visuals, illustration and storytelling
  • Standards-based curriculum custom built for high schoolers ensuring appropriate domain coverage while also providing respectful, socially and developmentally appropriate instruction
  • Out-of-the-box fully-scripted and leveled lesson plans with teacher supports to allow for more time directly with students

The results speak for themselves! Students using enCORE experience significant skill improvement, learning 3.1 new skills per hour of program use.

enCORE has been recognized as a winner in the following:

Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence

EdTech Awards Cool Tool Finalist

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