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Looking for credible, evidence-based information to help support your students with moderate to severe disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? Look no further. TeachTown’s library of white papers (and, eBooks!) will offer you with the information you need on trending topics in education, as well as the research that supports our solutions – which are all founded based on the methodologies of applied behavior analysis (ABA).

Navigating the Top 5 Challenges in Special Education

This eBook uncovers the top 5 pressing pain points that special educators face and offers strategies to help navigate them effectively to ensure your students have every opportunity to thrive.

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A Guide to TeachTown’s Evidence-Based Practices

All TeachTown curricula are firmly rooted in evidence-based instructional practices that have been proven to be effective for students with moderate to severe disabilities in formal research studies. It is worth noting here what we mean when we say “evidence-based practices”– According to federal education law, the term evidence-based practice (EBP) refers to an activity, strategy, or intervention that demonstrates a statistically significant effect on improving student outcomes.

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Writing Effective IEP Goals: A Step-By-Step Guide for New-To-Special Education Teachers

This guide is designed to help new-to-the-field special educators define best practices for writing effective IEP goals that will drive students down a path of academic and personal success.

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Time to Spend ESSER Funds Is Running Out

This pillar report presents an overview of special education funding that is meant to serve as a guidepost for special education administrators who are new to decision-making and budgeting processes within their districts or local education agencies (LEAs).

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Staff Shortages in Special Education: Is There a Remedy?

In this eBook, we identify what is contributing to staff shortages (we see you, pandemic!), how districts and organizations can continue to provide students with high-quality instruction and different ways to help prevent additional churn.

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Bridging the Gap for Inclusion, Equity and Access

In this eBook, we will define equitable and inclusive learning, navigate federal requirements, and outline different strategies that can contribute to bridging the gap for inclusion, equity, and access to the general education curriculum for our students with moderate to significant needs.

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Evidence of Effectiveness

The NPDC and the National Standards Project have conducted the most recent and systematic review of intervention research. They have identified the key components of interventions that are essential to improving student outcomes. Many of these aspects are integral to TeachTown Basics and TeachTown Social Skills. The NPDC has also made important progress toward defining these evidence-based practices by providing step-by-step directions for implementing the practices. TeachTown is committed to using these guidelines along with input from practitioners to refine our programs over time. Read this white paper to learn more!

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