Elementary Social Skills FAQ

Can TTSSA be used with all kids or only those with special needs?

TTSSA can be used across multiple settings and is used with students in special education settings as well as those in general education settings. The curriculum fits into the PBIS model and can be taught in small groups or whole groups.

Does data have to be collected on all students?

It is a teacher license that allows the teacher to take data on an entire class but that isn’t required. Teachers can select which skills to target for each student and track data specific to that student easily.

Can the assessment tool be used with other curricula?

The assessment tool has clearly defined and measurable goals that align with TTSS. TTSS lesson plans provide related activities that are fun and meaningful ways to practice the target behavior and which could be supplemented.

Can TTSSA help with Behavior Intervention Plans?

Yes, the 50 target behaviors are replacement behaviors for aberrant behaviors identified in the Behavior Intervention Plan. TTSSA allows teachers to focus on teaching those replacement behaviors using a structured curriculum as well as track progress with reports for data monitoring. It also has an ABC Data collection feature to help teachers look for patterns of behaviors and continue to update interventions based on data.

How much time would a teacher need to spend teaching a lesson each day in order to implement the program with fidelity?

Timing of instructional delivery may vary and is dependent upon the needs of the students. However, each lesson usually should take no longer than 20 minutes, including preparation time.

Can we order the suggested reading materials listed in the priming lesson plan from TeachTown?

Not at this point in time. The books found in the suggested reading section can be found in many media centers and libraries at your local school or via the internet.