Lesson Plans: English Language Arts

A unit introduction page is provided to introduce the two pieces of literature that are targeted in each unit. A fiction and a related non-fiction book are paired to promote a deeper understanding of the connection between both books.

Throughout the Interactive Read-Aloud Segment, scripted instruction provides teachers with instructional strategies to increase engagement and participation during shared reading activities. Prior to reading, target vocabulary and sight words are taught. Students acquire print literacy skills as teachers guide them through an interactive read-aloud of the text. Throughout this process, students are given opportunities to engage with the text by signaling when it is time to turn the page, finger tracing the text as it is read aloud, engaging in choral reading opportunities, and more.
ELA Lesson Plans: Interactive Read-Aloud
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In the Reading Comprehension Segment, students take a ‘picture walk’ of the story to review key elements and details. The teacher systematically leads students through a guided practice activity of sequencing the events or sorting the details from the story. Last, students are given differentiated comprehension questions to test their understanding of the story or information presented.
ELA Lesson Plans: Reading Comprehension
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The Foundational Skills Segment targets letter identification, letter sound correspondences, phonological and phonemic awareness, decoding, and more. Teachers are provided with explicit scripts using systematic instruction to lead students through the various activities.
ELA Lesson Plans: Foundational Skills
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The Language Segment promotes deeper understanding of the vocabulary, concepts and categories that are addressed within the unit. Teachers are provided with an explicit script to build concept knowledge with example and non-example training.
ELA Lesson Plans: Language
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In each Writing Segment, students are asked to recall information and write about literature or experiences. Teachers are provided with differentiated writing tasks to meet the needs of all students. Writing activities include necessary supports for those students who require it.
ELA Lesson Plans: Writing
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