Gold Standards of Implementation: How Fulton County Schools is Changing the Game

Gold Standards of ImplementationFulton County Schools employs more than 10,900 teachers and other certified personnel who work full- and part-time employees, and more than 6,900 teachers and other certified personnel who work in 108 schools and administrative and support buildings. During the 2022-23 school year, a projected enrollment of 89,450 students will attend classes in 59 elementary schools, 19 middle schools, 19 high schools, 10 start-up charter organizations (some charters have multiple campuses but are considered one school), and 1 full-time virtual school.

Breaking it down a step further, the Services for Exceptional Children’s Department is made up of 2,190 staff members, including 1,062 special education classroom teachers, 227 therapists, 559 special education paraprofessionals, and 342 support staff who serve approximately 9,600 students with different abilities (11%).

In this implementation guide, we will define how Fulton County Schools is implementing TeachTown’s K-12 standards-based, adapted core curriculum, enCORE, along with its supporting learning interventions to deliver a whole child approach.

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