Evidence of Success: enCORE Elementary


Evidence of Success

TeachTown studied the effectiveness of enCORE Elementary in a formal research study during the 2022-2023 school year. The results show what we already knew – enCORE works!

The teacher in the study successfully delivered grade-aligned academic content and individualized instruction to meet the diverse learning needs of all students in a K-5 self-contained classroom. The study took place over a 6-month period in which the teacher implemented enCORE’s classroom-based lessons and technology-facilitated lessons with 84% fidelity (typical research standard is 80% or higher). The results were phenomenal!

The students mastered a broad range of new ELA and Math skills (evidenced by rigorous, clinical research standard-assessments), retained those skills after instruction ended (evidenced by post-test scores), and generalized their learning several weeks after instruction ended (evidenced by demonstration of skills in novel probes).

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