TeachTown & Clairview School

Clairview SchoolPicture this: It’s 8:42 am on a busy Monday morning in Clairview School, operated by Westmoreland IU7, in Greensburg, PA. Students are hustling and bustling in their classrooms as they get themselves situated and ready for the day. In the midst of the morning madness are the educators. In this building, the early intervention specialists, behavioral specialists, self-contained teachers,
members of the Multidisciplinary Evaluation (MDE) team, and other educators, all come together for one common mission: to spark a passion for lifelong learning in every student
regardless of background or ability.

When prompted to search for a new adapted curriculum in 2022, Clairview School’s team of educators fully recognized that having access to an award-winning K-12 standards-based, adapted core curriculum, along with the learning interventions that support student success, was a must for their student population. In honor of their school’s mission: to actively engage students in a safe and positive environment that empowers students to reach their highest potential, the Clairview School team set forth, with both enthusiasm and a hint of trepidation, to evaluate different curriculum providers.

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