Welcome to the TeachTown Resource Center!

Get access to onboarding tutorials, product walkthroughs, and the latest feature updates without ever leaving the app!

The TeachTown Resource Center is a hub of information for TeachTown teachers and administrators.

Located in the bottom right corner of the screen, the TeachTown School House opens up an onboarding explorer to answer your most commonly asked questions. You’ll find video & text tutorials to help you get started (onboarding), How To Guides to help you make the most of your curriculum (product walkthroughs), and the latest information about What’s New in the platform (feature release information). There are also special resources just for administrators so you can get immediate support with beginning of year data management, like how to manage teacher and student licenses (for example).

TeachTown Resource Center

The Resource Center is a great place to explore when you’re just getting started with TeachTown or whenever you need a quick refresher on one of your solutions. It’s also where you’ll be among the first to know about important curriculum updates and newly released features. We release new professional learning content year round, so be sure to check in frequently to see the latest videos.

TeachTown solutions are designed to help your students measurably improve academic, behavioral, and adaptive skills. To help your students reach their goals, it’s important to know how to use your curriculum effectively!

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