Spring 2024 Updates in enCORE!

TeachTown is committed to ensuring enCORE users have access to the very best adapted core curriculum for students with significant disabilities. Check out everything that’s NEW in enCORE this spring!

➕enCORE Math Review Worksheets

You asked for more math practice opportunities in enCORE Elementary and now you have it! We released 864 new math review worksheets earlier this semester – there is a new worksheet for every math lesson segment in enCORE Elementary for each level. These additional math practice opportunities cover all of the math standards in enCORE Elementary.

We also updated the math skills review in enCORE Middle and High School. The review worksheets are differentiated across age groups to provide socially-appropriate content with updated images and language. The middle school review worksheets spiral the skills covered in elementary school, and the high school worksheets spiral the skills covered in both elementary and middle school.

Where are the Math Review Worksheets?

  • Elementary:  Navigate to enCORE Elementary → Curriculum → Unit → Book → Math
    • Once in the Math content for the specified unit and book, scroll down after Segment 4 to the Unit # Review Worksheet. Review worksheets are marked for ‘All’ segments
  • Middle: Navigate to enCORE Middle → Curriculum → Unit →  Math Skills Review Unit
    • From there, select ‘Math’ to access all Elementary Skills Review worksheets for Math.
  • High: Navigate to enCORE High → Curriculum → Unit →  then scroll down to “Skills Review,” then select “Elementary Skills Review” or “Middle School Skills Review.”
    • After choosing the grade band to review, “Math” should be selected to access all Skills Review worksheets within that grade band.

Both the Middle School and High School Skills Review are located after the all unit content of the grade band (e.g., after Unit 63: My Antonia for Middle School and after Transition Skills for High School).

📚enCORE Middle School Companion Texts

Our enCORE High School teachers love their Social Studies and Science companion texts. Now, our enCORE Middle School teachers get them, too! The NEW Social Studies and Science companion texts expand the content currently offered on the standards addressed by the lesson plans.

They are all 8 pages long, include 2 visuals, are available in icon and non-icon versions, and are accessible as PDFs and as e-Readers. Details 👇

  • 54 new Science Companion Texts (released in late March)
  • 54 new Social Studies Companion Texts (available by end of June)

💻enCORE Middle School Unit Assessment Revisions

All enCORE Middle School unit assessments have been updated with refreshed content.

📚enCORE High School Companion Textbooks

Equity for students with disabilities includes access to high-quality curriculum materials. Now, enCORE users have the opportunity to purchase companion textbooks for ELA, Science, and Social Studies. They are separated into Grades 9-10 and Grades 11-12. Each domain per grade band includes a textbook with icons and a textbook without icons. These are now included in the enCORE 9-12 Physical Goods Reading Library Package.

Companion Textbooks

☀️enCORE Extended School Year (ESY) 2024

Released on April 26, enCORE ESY is a 4-week extended school year curriculum for K-12 students with moderate to severe disabilities. This year’s theme is Summer Around the World! Students will engage with rich content to learn about countries around the world. Read more.

📊enCORE Teacher-Led Technology Reporting Update

enCORE teacher-led technology reports now identify lessons completed at 80% or higher as Mastered rather than as Pretest Passed. Additionally, each session is tagged as Administration rather than as Pretest or Posttest. This update makes it easier for teachers and administrators to demonstrate the progress students are making in teacher-led technology lessons, including when they have mastered lessons. Read more.

📋Daily Implementation Guides (‘DIGs’)

We know it can take a while to learn the ropes when onboarding to a robust curriculum, and now teachers have the daily planning tools to get the most out of enCORE! The DIGs show teachers exactly how to move through the specific lesson plan for each academic domain by providing a clear list of the objectives, materials, lesson segment & corresponding tech-lessons, and more. Read more.

📑New enCORE Curriculum Experience

In January, we released a whole new look and feel to the design and layout of the enCORE Curriculum tab in the platform. It is simpler and more intuitive to use, with everything you need in one place! Read more. If you’re using the legacy curriculum tab, you may continue to do so through June 30. As of July 1, all enCORE users will access the new enCORE Curriculum experience.

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