ESY 2023 Is Here!

Summer In My Community: Choose Your Own Adventure

ESY 2023We are pleased to announce the release of Extended School Year (ESY) 2023!

ESY is a 4-week extended school year curriculum for K-12 students with moderate to severe disabilities. This year’s theme is “Summer in My Community: Choose Your Own Adventure!” Students will engage with rich content about learning, exploring, and contributing to the community they live in. For all grade bands:

Week 1 – Summer in My Community
Week 2 – Ways to Learn
Week 3 – Ways to Explore
Week 4 – Ways to Contribute

What’s Included?

Each week includes newsletters, mini-lessons, printable worksheets, technology lessons, and a sample schedule. Instruction in each mini-lesson flows through the gradual release of responsibility, beginning with anchoring instruction to activate background knowledge and make connections to new learning. Then, teachers move through the I Do, We Do, You Do model (or, Model, Lead Test). ESY includes sample scripting for those who wish to use it while encouraging teachers to revise the script as necessary to fit the specific needs of their students. A sample script is shown below:

Anchor, Model Image

Lead, Test Image

At the end of the first week’s mini lesson, there is a Suggested Reading List that includes five suggested titles per week. The literature selection represents a variety of genres and corresponding Lexile levels are included.

For example, on the suggested reading list for enCORE Elementary is It’s Hot by Shel Silverstein (poem) and How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers (book). enCORE High School’s Suggested Reading List includes People from My Neighborhood by Hiromi Kawakmi (short story), Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson (graphic novel), and Still I Rise by Maya Angelou (poem).

Like all of enCORE, ESY is designed to help students generalize the learning they experience in the classroom to their everyday lives. To help students extend and generalize the skills targeted throughout the week, teachers are instructed to use maps, the local library, community resources, fliers, and more.

Where Can I Find ESY 2023?

  • To locate ESY 2023, log into your TeachTown account
  • From the home page, navigate to the Curriculum tab
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Units tab to see ESY 2023 Summer in My Community
  • Choose Week 1 and access lesson plans, lesson resources, and interactive technology lessons on the right
  • After Week 1, the ESY curriculum is flexible – teach the weeks in the order you wish!

Did you know?

All active enCORE users enjoy ongoing access to current and previous years’ ESY curriculum for the duration of their subscription. You will always have enough adapted curriculum for ESY to support the learning needs of your students with moderate to severe disabilities.

Engaging Content & Relevant Lessons

We are proud to partner with you to deliver appropriately challenging and engaging instruction that is relevant to your students’ lives as they continue learning this summer.

Just like enCORE K-12, enCORE ESY is aligned to state and national standards, utilizes evidence-based instructional strategies, supports a blended learning model, and includes multiple levels of differentiation. Our complete enCORE curriculum is designed to incorporate adapted grade-aligned content, high-quality, differentiated literature and integrated technology for teaching your students with moderate to severe disabilities. Learn more about enCORE today.

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