New enCORE Curriculum Experience

Three cheers for the brand new look and feel of the enCORE Curriculum experience! 🎉🎉🎉

With the launch of the redesigned enCORE Curriculum tab today, it is easier than ever to find the lessons, materials, and resources you need to plan efficiently.

Why the design change? 

At TeachTown, we listen carefully to the voices that matter most – the special education teachers and administrators who use enCORE every day. And your feedback was clear. You wanted a simpler organization of enCORE so you can focus more of your time on actually delivering instruction.

You asked, and we listened! The enCORE Curriculum tab now has a simpler, more intuitive organization.

Don’t worry – you’ll be able to keep using the current version of the curriculum tab while you get used to the organization and updated design. You’ll notice a toggle button that allows you to opt into the new interface when you’re ready. This blog and overview video are a great place to start to get comfortable with the new interface.

What’s New?

All enCORE content is now organized into 3 tabs:

  • Units
  • Current Events
  • Resources

The Units tab is the academic curriculum and it is organized sequentially by unit and academic subject, as shown in the two screenshots below.

Within each academic subject, you will find all lessons associated with each book for the unit. Lessons now include all associated materials to deliver instruction. No more toggling back and forth between different tabs and screens! When you select a particular lesson, you will find quick access to the associated unit assessment, book, student-led technology lessons, teacher-led technology lessons, and all worksheets.

Additionally, with the launch of the new interface, we have improved searchability and added more filtering options. You can now filter enCORE content by the same categories commonly used to prepare materials for instruction, including:

  • Lesson Segment: Focus on one segment at a time
  • Learning Level: Differentiate learning to Level 1, Level 2, Level 3
  • Content Types: Access print-based (PDF), teacher-led technology, and/or student-led technology lessons
  • Standards Alignments: View the standards associated with lesson plans and worksheets to demonstrate compliance and meet reporting requirements

How Do I Access enCORE Lesson Plans?

To access enCORE lesson plans:

  • Navigate to the desired unit, book, and academic domain
  • Select Lesson Plans and Bundles (blue button shown below) to view the lesson plan in its entirety or by segment
  • To view the standards associated with each lesson and/or lesson segment, select Standards.
  • The graphic of the lesson plan pulls up the PDF of the lesson plan to preview, download, or print.

How Is It Better?

The new organization of the enCORE Curriculum tab matches how enCORE was designed to be delivered and how teachers commonly prepare materials for instruction. It is a simpler, more intuitive layout that will make planning instruction and selecting materials more efficient. You can quickly locate your desired unit, academic subject, lesson, student materials, and assessments – all in one location.

If you need to …

  • Find the assessment materials for your current unit
  • Find the lesson plan for your current lesson in the unit
  • Find the worksheets for your current lesson
  • Find tech-based lessons related to your current lesson
  • Find the book or text for your current lesson

You can do so with just a couple of clicks!

Additionally, the new organization supports compliance documentation with the filter for identifying standards associated with lesson segments & worksheets.

Ready for the more modern look and feel with a lot fewer clicks?

Log into TeachTown and navigate to My Account. From there, you’ll see an opportunity to opt in. We know you’re going to love it!

Curriculum Tab _ Opt In Screenshot







Head over to enCORE today!

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