Transition to Adulthood Curriculum Enhancements

NEW Functional Academic Lessons!

Evidence-Based ABA Therapy CurriculumWe are thrilled to share our Transition to Adulthood curriculum enhancements are now LIVE. Teachers with a Transition to Adulthood license now have access to 600 new functional academic lessons available as student-led technology lessons. Lessons are differentiated by level to mirror the personalized support offered throughout enCORE.

This expansion of Transition to Adulthood reflects our ongoing commitment to the voices that matter most – the special education teachers and leaders who work with complex learners every single day.

Ready to learn more? Here are the details.

NEW: 600 Functional Academic Lessons

Transition to Adulthood now includes 600 functional academic lessons to support students’ continued learning and independence as they prepare for their postsecondary setting. There are 300 new English Language Arts (ELA) lessons related to the adaptive skills covered in the program and 300 new Math lessons structured in a similar way.

100 Level 1 ELA lessons

100 Level 2 ELA lessons

100 Level 3 ELA  lessons

100 Level 1 Math lessons

100 Level 2 Math lessons

+100 Level 3 Math lessons
600 new functional academic lessons!

ELA lessons focus on Basic Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, and Following Environmental Directions. Math lessons cover Time, Money, and Basic Operations.

As functional academic lessons, all skills directly relate to students’ everyday lives. For example, this math lesson prompts students to find the correct amount of yogurt needed to double a smoothie recipe.

And this ELA Lesson helps students work on following environmental directions by prompting students to identify the appropriate sign to display after mopping the floors.

All new content is available as student-led technology lessons on a web browser or iPad/tablet.

Leveled Lessons Support Differentiated Instruction

The new functional academic lessons have been differentiated to 3 levels of learning. Level 1 is appropriate for students requiring the most support and Level 3 is designed for students who are ready for greater independence. The leveling of the new functional academics lessons align with the leveling found throughout enCORE.

What’s Included in Transition to Adulthood 

Our Transition to Adulthood intervention is a comprehensive, evidence-based curriculum to support the functional living skills of transition-aged students with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Designed for students ages 14 – 22, Transition to Adulthood includes:

  • Lesson Plans (teacher-delivered)
  • Point-of-view video modeling
  • Computer-Based Lessons for students to practice skills independently
  • Visual task analysis
  • Task sequence photo cards
  • Troubleshooting card (to help students solve problems when engaged in a task)

Transition to Adulthood content covers 100 skills that align with the 5 domains found in the Assessment for Functional Living Skills (AFLS):

  • Personal Life Skills such as applying sunscreen, brushing teeth, combing or brushing hair
  • Home Skills such as baking a frozen pizza, changing batteries, and cleaning
  • Vocational Skills like applying for a job or bagging groceries
  • Community Skills such as crossing the street or eating at a restaurant
  • Leisure Skills like buying movie tickets or changing activities with a timer

Additionally, Transition to Adulthood includes an online assessment tool for progress monitoring. Online assessments are available for each target skill and equip teachers to monitor progress, utilize prompting and fading prompting, and help students maintain and generalize skills. These assessments feature a task analysis where the target skill/task is broken down into measurable steps. The task analysis allows teachers to note whether the student completed each step independently or if they required a certain level of prompting (as described in the lesson plans). Data are collected and reported automatically to help inform IEP goals and continue learning in the classroom.

Whole Child Approach for the Whole Education Journey

TeachTown is proud to support the whole child from early childhood all the way through the transition years. The addition of functional academics in Transition to Adulthood further equips older learners with disabilities to maximize their independence with the everyday skills that will allow them to be appropriately independent in their postsecondary setting.

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