TeachTown Named A Winner in 2023 Fortune Impact 20 List

Fortune Impact 20TeachTown, a leading provider of special education curriculum for students with moderate to severe disabilities, proudly announces its recognition as a winner in the prestigious 2023 Fortune Impact 20 list. This accolade spotlights TeachTown’s commitment to boosting student outcomes and delivering equitable and inclusive access to the general education curriculum for our most complex learners.

“It is a tremendous honor to be named in the Fortune Impact 20 list alongside the top companies driving positive change globally,” shares Richard Becker, CEO, TeachTown. He continues, “This recognition underscores TeachTown’s ability to design transformative special education solutions that enhance learning experiences for students while empowering the educators who serve them.”

The Impact 20 is a new Fortune list that recognizes venture-backed and private-equity-backed startups that focus on successfully tackling key social and environmental issues as part of their business models. The list is compiled by Fortune, in collaboration with leading experts, and evaluates companies based on:

  1. Potential Impact: How substantial is the potential impact of the company’s actions in remediating a problem or unmet need?
  2. Business Viability: How likely it is that the company’s business model will ultimately be successful on a continuing operating basis, and to what extent will remediating a problem or unmet need contribute to that success?
  3. Innovation and Leadership: To what degree is the company a leader in its category? How pioneering is its approach? Does the scale of its solution match the scale of the problem it is addressing?
  4. Track Record: What is the company’s time frame for making a substantial impact? More credit will be given to startups that have established a track record of addressing the social or environmental concerns on which they are focused.

Becker states, “TeachTown will continue to transform the delivery of specially designed instruction and remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation to create a lasting impact on the lives of students.”

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