2023-2024 End of Year Checklist for Teachers/Admins

End of Year ChecklistAs we approach the end of the school year, we recognize that teachers/administrators need guidance to support a smooth conclusion. This checklist will serve as a tool to assist teachers/administrators in documenting students’ current levels of performance for the year, streamlining the process of managing license access and a seamless transition into the next school year.

Facilitator/Admin Tasks

  • Adjust class lists for next school year
    • Review the number of licenses/seats available
    • Remove any licenses from students who will no longer need them
    • Purchase any additional licenses for the next school year
  • Organize and take inventory of physical goods, make a needs list for next school year (workbooks, adapted libraries, etc.)
    • Reallocate materials to new classrooms/teachers as necessary
  • Use TeachTown reports as needed to update IEPs
  • Look at usage reports, identify teachers with low usage
    • Identify professional development opportunities for the next school year
  • Meet with your TeachTown Customer Success Manager to solidify your 2024/2025 school year professional development
  • Prepare curriculum message to be sent to instructional staff for the upcoming year to set up for academic achievement gains with fidelity to core curriculum implementation
  • Review pacing guide(s) for each TeachTown curriculum

ESY Prep for Teachers/Admin

  • Assign students/facilitators to ESY as needed
  • TeachTown training for new teachers/teachers not familiar with enCORE/TeachTown
  • Teachers – familiarize yourself with ESY material, start printing, planning, prepping
  • Review student IEP goals
    • Align ESY lessons to IEP targets
If you have any questions, please reach out to your dedicated TeachTown support team.

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