Social Skills Classroom

Our engaging animated characters demonstrate and teach children with autism to learn real world social skills.

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Our animated video modeling-based social skills curriculum features engaging animated characters to teach real world social skills. Accompanying each target social skill (theme) is a two to three minute animated episode that focuses on that target social skill, which is then further developed through a series of lesson plans including methods for differentiating instruction, generalization activities, and homework assignments.

Social Skills is ideal for:

  • Developing social skills for children on the autism spectrum and with special needs
  • Motivating children with autism to model positive behaviors
  • Taking memorable characters and lessons and applying them in the classroom with positive results
  • Teachers looking for classroom-tested curricula for developing social skills
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  • Complete Classroom Tools

    Each volume contains 10 animated episodes, each focusing on one target social skill. Written materials from lesson plans, related skills, classroom and home activities in addition to digital files for easy printing of materials.
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  • Sample Lessons

    Each of our themes includes an animated episode, teacher-driven lessons, classroom and homework activities, worksheets, data collection tools and much more.
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  • Easy to Implement

    Each lesson can be implemented in approximately 20 minutes, including the time to watch the 2-3 minute animated episode. The lesson plans include ideas for various levels of instruction as well as related activities aimed at generalizing the target social skill.
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  • Kids Learn From Our Characters

    The team of animators at TeachTown developed our cast of characters. Ginger, Jelly, Pico, Mochi, and Ms. Mapleton are featured in the TeachTown: Social Skills animated episodes and act as role models for improving the targeted social skill behaviors.
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  • Content Standards

    Materials within Social Skills support state content standards within the following domains: Self Concept/Self Control, Social Competence/Social Awareness, Receptive and Expressive Communication, Peer Relationships, Speaking and Listening, Verbal Directions and Reading Strategies.
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  • Available Titles

    TeachTown is currently offering 2 social skills volumes, which include 10 themes in each volume for a total of 20 themes, each critical for academic success!
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"As a former Special Education Teacher I spent a great deal of time trying to communicate with my students the importance of Social Skills. The Teachtown products not only accomplish this, but they do it better! The interactive materials are designed to not only entertain students, but engage them on important lessons. I am excited to share this product with teachers!"
Stephanie Day - 2010 Washington DC Teacher of the Year

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