TeachTown Unveils K-12 Special Education Curriculum

enCORE High School launches in July 2022

enCORE High School

TeachTown, a leading provider of special education solutions for students with moderate to severe disabilities, is proud to announce its full K-12 curriculum, enCORE, will be available this July. Following the release of award-winning enCORE Elementary and enCORE Middle School, enCORE High School will complete the K-12 adapted core curriculum, which is derived from the research-based methodologies of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and provides students with extensive support needs access to the general education curriculum.

“enCORE High School is designed to drive measurable student improvement and IEP progress while ensuring all students have equitable, inclusive access to general education standards,” shares Margaret Onisick Lawless, chief product officer, TeachTown. She continues, “Rooted in evidence-based teaching practices, enCORE High School delivers socially and developmentally-appropriate instruction that represents the diversity and multiculturalism of the students it serves.”

In addition, enCORE High School features:

  • Classroom lessons leveled by student ability, complete with teacher guides and student workbooks and resources
  • Technology lessons for group instruction or independent student use leveled by student ability
  • Lessons include high school appropriate adapted academic coursework across domains (i.e., ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies), as well as embedded transition skills
  • Adapted library with 252 diverse and multicultural distinctive texts across learning domains, with texts presented at multiple levels to meet a wide range of student abilities
  • Manipulative kit with physical materials used to implement classroom lessons via hands-on learning
  • enCORE Events with newsletters, lessons and worksheets based on world issues and current events
  • Unit assessments designed for pre- and post- instruction evaluation

“enCORE High School has been purpose-built with outcome-based lesson plans across a full spectrum of academic domains, along with transition skill lessons that improve the lives of high school students with moderate to severe learning disabilities,” says TeachTown CEO Richard Becker. He continues, “enCORE High School positively impacts the students we serve by granting them access to the tools and resources necessary to achieve educational goals and thrive in life beyond education.”

About TeachTown

TeachTown, backed by Bain Capital Double Impact, is exclusively focused on providing software and solutions for students with moderate to severe disabilities.

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