Extended School Year (ESY) Services

TeachTown ESY

As we near the end of our traditional school year, extended school year (ESY) services present as an option for eligible students.

What is ESY?

Extended school year services are free school services that generally extend beyond the typical school year and are integrated within a student with disabilities’ individualized education program (IEP) to support educational goals.

ESY services differ from conventional summer school and must meet the mandated requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Depending on eligibility, ESY services may also be offered during longer school breaks, such as winter or spring breaks, when deemed appropriate.

Who qualifies for ESY?

Any student who qualifies for special education and related services may be eligible to receive ESY services, however, criteria for eligibility is student specific and based on individual student needs.

Eligibility is determined by a student’s IEP team and typically evaluated based on regression and recoupment of skills:

  •       Regression refers to the loss of critical skills during gaps in learning or school breaks.
  •       Recoupment pertains to the process of relearning a skill that is excessive compared to general education peers.
What can ESY services look like?

The structure of any ESY service is flexible and dependent on a student’s IEP. ESY services may include but are not limited to:

  • Extended hours during the traditional school year
  • Structured learning routine over summer break
  • Extra supports or learning activities during winter or spring breaks

Most importantly, ESY services are tailored to individual student needs to ensure academic, social/emotional, behavioral skills and more are maintained and that progress toward educational goals is met.

Good News – TeachTown offers ESY for enCORE Customers

If you are a TeachTown enCORE customer, we are pleased to offer access to our enCORE ESY for 2022 to all active enCORE subscribers at your organization.

Available on July 1, 2022, our four-week enCORE ESY 2022 curriculum will center on a Summer Road Trip theme. The first week will be utilized for teachers and students to plan their road trip, with the remaining three weeks offering a more flexible topic sequence.

Each week includes a minimum of 20 worksheets/lessons, and each worksheet has a paired technology-based, teacher-led lesson. In addition, student-led technology lessons will be available each week, as well as mini lessons for teachers.

With enCORE ESY, data from the teacher-led technology lessons and independent student-led lessons is combined, providing an ongoing and accurate picture of student performance and progress.

To learn more about enCORE, visit: https://web.teachtown.com/solutions/encore/.

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