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TeachTown focuses exclusively on children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities and emotional and behavior disorders. TeachTown’s products utilize research-based best practices derived from the methodologies of ABA, making it easy to deliver this proven treatment with existing staff in any school or setting.
TeachTown Basics
TeachTown Basics offers a blend of computer-delivered and teacher-led ABA instruction proven to increase a student’s vocabulary, listening skills, social-emotional development, independence, academics and cognitive skills. The system automatically adapts based on each individual's progress providing meaningful instruction to all students. Student data is recorded, analyzed and organized into reports automatically providing educators with an effective and automated progress monitoring system.

TeachTown Basics Primary Program
Designed for students with a developmental age of 2-7

TeachTown Basics Secondary Program - Coming Soon!
Designed for students 2-12.
TeachTown Social Skills
Students often need extra support when it comes to mastering social skills. That’s why we created TeachTown Social Skills. This comprehensive, online social skills curriculum and assessment utilizes character-based video-modeling that is developed for two age groups, Elementary and Middle School. Students follow the adventures of four fun, relatable animated characters as they learn to cooperate, listen, respect personal space, express emotions appropriately and more.

TeachTown Social Skills Elementary
Designed for students with a minimum language level of 4 years.

TeachTown Social Skills Middle School - Coming Soon!
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Browser-Based Applications Now Available
Browser-Based Applications Now Available
You asked and we listened! TeachTown Basics and TeachTown Social Skills are now accessible through any high speed internet connection and modern HTML5 compliant browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 10 or above.