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TeachTown provides education software and solutions for children with special needs and autism. Serving special education, TeachTown addresses language learning, social skills, communications skills and emotional development.
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TeachTown Basics Classroom

Used by special education teachers and special ed programs, Basics teaches concepts in six key learning domains for children with autism.

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TeachTown Basics Home

Parents enjoy the characters and watching their special needs or child with autism learn, grow and connect.

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Supports IEP Goals

Supported with over 800 lessons and six key learning domains. Teacher friendly with automatic data collection for easy reporting to save time.

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Social Skill Program Classroom

Backed by research, our animated video modeling-based curriculum features our characters to demonstrate and teach real world social skills.

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Engages Children with Autism

Children with autism build emotional bonds with our engaging characters which increases their motivation to complete activities and retain lessons learned.

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Social and Emotional Development

Video modeling is one of the most popular and effective approaches for teaching social skills to children with special needs.

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