NEW! Introducing Standards-Based Reporting

Teachers can now demonstrate & analyze progress on lessons associated with state standards with the Standards Alignment for Student Work

We are excited to announce our brand new standards-based reporting feature available to all current enCORE K-12 users. This new report option gives teachers and administrators the ability to demonstrate and analyze progress on lessons associated with state and/or national standards.

IEP compliance just got a lot easier! 


Teachers can customize the standards-based report (or Standards Alignment for Student Work) to meet their specific data and reporting needs by setting the following parameters –

  • Date Range
  • Lesson Status (Mastered, Passed at Pretest, In Progress)
  • Standards Framework
  • Grade(s)
  • Academic Area

Standards-Based Report

Selecting a specific date range is especially useful when writing IEP progress report comments. Teachers may filter the dates to show only work completed during Quarter 2, for example, when preparing to write the comments for an individual student’s Quarter 2 IEP progress report. Specific date ranges are also helpful to see progress over time.

Selecting a particular lesson status, such as only lessons Mastered and In Progress, may be useful when a teacher wants to see the progress on certain lessons associated with a particular intervention, like a 4-week targeted small group. The standards framework allows teachers to view the enCORE technology lessons aligned to their particular state and/or national standards framework. Increase efficiency and accuracy for district-level compliance and IEP reporting! Finally, the report can also be customized to include multiple grade levels and multiple academic areas at once.

The Standards Alignment for Student Work can be viewed electronically or downloaded and printed as a PDF.

Where Can I Find the Standards Alignment for Student Work Report?

  • Log into your TeachTown account
  • Navigate to the Reporting tab
  • Click Begin Reporting Session
  • From there, toggle to the Students tab and choose one student
  • Click Standards-Alignment for Student Work to set the parameters for this report, which provides data on an individual student’s work aligned to specific state and/or national standards frameworks

How Should I Use the Standards-Based Report?

The standards-based report was designed to support progress monitoring, IEP goal development & progress report documentation, targeted small group and individual instruction, and more.

IEP goals must be aligned to standards. To show progress towards these IEP goals and to inform future IEP goal development, teachers analyze multiple sources of student data – like teacher observation, writing samples, unit tests, and much more. Now teachers have an additional source of data to inform IEP goal development. The Standards Alignment for Student Work report offers a clear picture of a student’s progress towards lessons that align with specific standards.

Another way teachers may use this report is by grouping together students with similar needs for targeted small group instruction, or for individualized intervention. For example, if two students share IEP goals about short and long sounds for the 5 major vowels, a teacher may deliver teacher-led technology lessons on this content for three weeks for these two students, and then run a standards-based report for each of them to identify the progress they have made towards these lessons and the standard(s) associated with them. If one student is showing mastery and the other is showing their work is still in progress, the teacher will have the data to plan accordingly for new small group instruction moving forward.

In addition to viewing student progress on lessons aligned with state standards, teachers can continue to view student progress by usage (amount of time spent in the program) and growth (improvement from pretest to posttest).

Multiple Data & Reporting Options

Teachers need access to strong data and reporting to maintain compliance with federal laws and IEP regulations. They also need it to individualize the learning experiences for their students with moderate to severe disabilities. enCORE checks both these boxes. With multiple data and reporting options for teachers and administrators, TeachTown helps districts maintain compliance and reduce the threat of litigation while increasing the effectiveness of instruction for complex learners.


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