Frequently Asked Questions

TeachTown Basics FAQ

Does TeachTown Basics work on an iPad, Droid or other kind of tablet?
Is TeachTown Basics web-based or is there a software installation required?
What are the System Requirements for TeachTown Basics?
What material does TeachTown Basics cover?
What happens if my student is initially placed too low in the curriculum?
What happens if my student is initially placed too high in the curriculum?
My student passed a lesson but still seems to be struggling. Can my student go back and review that lesson?
I'd like my student to focus on a particular set of lessons and not take the rest. Is there a way I can do this?
I need to suspend (deactivate) my student’s account. Will I lose my student’s data?
How do I add a Facilitator, and who can be a Facilitator?
Why do the map locations fade out?
Does the printed Off Computer Binder come with my purchase of TeachTown Basics?
How do I know which Generalization Lessons to use with my student?
I get an error message that says my computer can’t connect to the TeachTown servers but I have an internet connection. What can I do?
I can’t find a lesson that my student was working on. What happened to it?
I had a set of lessons saved in Facilitator Selected Lessons before upgrading to TeachTown Basics version 2.0. Now some of them are gone or different. What happened?
What happened to the rewards we had in previous versions?
What has been updated/changed in TeachTown Basics version 2.0?
How do I deactivate my student’s TeachTown Basics subscription?
How secure is my student's data in the TeachTown system?
What plugins or versions of Internet Explorer are required?
Do you need an IP address scheme or gateway for TeachTown Basics to function?
Does TeachTown Basics require any firewall exceptions?
How is data transmitted between TeachTown Basics and the central server?
What is the minimum connection speed for using TeachTown Basics?
What third parties have access to student data?
Is there an installer for TeachTown that can be run silently for doing rapid deployment on an intranet?

TeachTown: Social Skills FAQ

What material does TeachTown: Social Skills cover?
How were these volume topics chosen?
Why social skills?
Why video modeling?
What social skills will be in future volumes of TeachTown: Social Skills?
Is TeachTown: Social Skills available for in-home use?
Do I need a computer to use TeachTown: Social Skills?
I accidentally damaged my TeachTown: Social Skills DVD. Can I get a replacement?