Analysis of Usage


Christina Whalen, Shannon Cernich, David Lockhart, Lars Liden, and Manya Vaupel


Presented at the International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR)



Research Questions:

  • How long are typical sessions and is usage consistent over time?
  • Are students showing progress on pre and post-tests in the TeachTown: Basics computer program?
  • Does progress seem to continue as students keep using the program?
  • How long does it take students to master lessons?


1,100 students in the United States in Canada - the x-axis (horizontal) shows the age of the users and the y-axis (vertical) shows the number of users for that age



Qualitative data analysis


Natural usage of the program in homes, schools, and clinics with subscribers who have purchased the program and who have used the program for more than 2 months (users with less than 2 months usage were not included)


Students usage over time appears to be relatively consistent

Chart Chart Chart Chart


The TeachTown: Basics program appears to be used for short sessions (about 10-15 minutes) at a time, but, progress appears to be happening across learning domains and in a relatively short period of time (about 4 sessions), and usage seems to be consistent over time across students over a 2 year period. This data shows that the program has some value in a real world setting with little or no support from the TeachTown team.  However, improved trainings and manuals would likely improve implementation and student results.