Research Studies

There was a statistically significant difference at the p > .0001 level from the pre-tests to the post-tests using the TeachTown Basics software. On average, preschool students mastered lessons in about 43 minutes and K/1 students mastered lessons in about 52 minutes. With the exception of those students who did not master any lessons, all treatment group students (n=15) mastered an average of 5-6 lessons (20-24 concepts/targets).

Students who used the TeachTown Basics program more often mastered more lessons in the program (p<.05) and students who mastered more lessons performed better on the Brigance (p,.05).

Preschool students had significantly larger increases then the control group on the PPVT (p<.05) and performed better on the EVT than the control group, but not with significant results. K-1 students performed better on both the PPVT and the EVT, but, results were not significant. Read More

The TeachTown Basics program appears to be used for short sessions (about 10-15 minutes) at a time, but, progress appears to be happening across learning domains and in a relatively short period of time (about 4 sessions), and usage seems to be consistent over time across students over a 2 -year period. This data shows that the program has some value in a real world setting with little or no support from the TeachTown team. However, improved trainings and manuals would like improved implementation and student results. Read More

The reward games in the TeachTown Basics software appear to act as reinforcers, but, the program appears to have intrinsic reinforcing qualities even during the lessons as attention to task, motiviation, and social behaviors were observed in both conditions. Read More

For this particular child, TeachTown Basics seemed to have a big impact on his performance. This generalized to his 1:1 Discrete Trial sessions, after using TeachTown Basics, he was able to work for up to 20-minute sessions (compared to 3-5 minute sessions prior to TeachTown Basics) and his data became more consistent across staff with 65-100% correct across programs (compared to 20-90% correct across programs prior to TeachTown Basics). Read More

Pilot data on the use of TeachTown Basics in the home with parent implementation appears to show some effectiveness in learning the skills presented in the software program. Although not directly targeted, children seem to show enhanced motivation on the computer (using TeachTown Basics) compared to play activities. The TeachTown Basics On Computer Lessons and Off Computer Activities seem to help decrease problem behaviors with parent implementation. Read More