TeachTown Social Skills Professional Services Overview
TeachTown products are designed to be easy to understand and simple to implement. As part of our commitment to improving student performance and teacher satisfaction, we offer various types of professional services – on-site training, webinars, online courses, and more – that support the products and improve student outcomes.
TeachTown Training
On-Site Training
Training is completed with one of our experts in the field of special education. All TeachTown trainers are highly qualified with both classroom and clinical experience working with students using various curriculum, assessments, and methodologies. Each training session is a hands-on experience where educators are live in the program, their teacher and student accounts are created and they are fully prepared to leave the training and have their students utilizing the program the following day.
Webinar Training
With the web-based training package, the trainer will conduct a 3-hour web-based conference with up to 6 faculty and/or staff members. This training will target the same information and skills as the full-day, on-site training in a more condensed format to accommodate busy schedules when scheduling an on-site training proves difficult.
TeachTown Coaching
Classroom On-Site Coaching
Classroom On-Site Coaching
TeachTown is invested in your success and provides ongoing support in the form of On-Site Coaching to ensure retention of training and consistent implementation of the TeachTown curricula. Our experts in the field provide On-Site Coaching in the form of direct classroom visits after teachers have received their initial training and have begun implementing TeachTown Basic and/or TeachTown Social Skills.
Webinar Coaching
In addition to onsite coaching, TeachTown also offers a web-based coaching option. Conducted in 1.5-hour sessions, webinar coaching offers the same comprehensive implementation review as the onsite coaching and can be scheduled for individual staff and/or faculty members or groups. These sessions can be conducted at your convenience after your faculty and staff have received their initial training and begun implementing the curriculum(s).
Fidelity Planning
Providing Clear Visibility into Program Use and Progress
One of the most important goals you will likely include with the TeachTown program is to ensure staff are using the program with fidelity as determined through the implementation process. This goal will complement another important goal of increasing student engagement and progress. The TeachTown Fidelity Plan provides 4 calls and 1 webinar during the course of the one year contract to be held with both Teachers and Administrators to discuss and review Account Maintenance, District, School, Teacher and Student Program Use and Progress with one of our highly qualified Professional Services Team Members. To learn more, please call (800) 283-0165.