TeachTown Basics
TeachTown Basics
TeachTown Basics offers a blend of computer-delivered and teacher-led ABA instruction proven to increase a student’s vocabulary, listening skills, social-emotional development, independence, academics and cognitive skills. The system automatically adapts based on each individual’s progress providing meaningful instruction to all students. Student data is recorded, analyzed and organized into reports automatically providing educators with an effective and automated progress monitoring system. By using embedded games and animated episodes as systematic reinforcement, students are actively engaged in TeachTown lessons, helping to build student independence and increase motivation. TeachTown lessons can be aligned to Common Core standards, state-specific standards and student IEP goals to address a variety of educational needs.

Basics Primary Designed to provide learning tools and teaching strategies for children with a developmental age between 2 and 7.

Basics Secondary - Coming Soon! Designed to provide a motivating and engaging educational platform for middle school students with a developmental age between 2-12.
How it Works
With unparalleled data collection and reporting, data are automatically captured and tracked and can be shared among team members to set program goals. Teachers and other team members can leave session notes to connect with one another. Student progress reports and graphs are available to everyone on the student's education team. Each student’s information can be synchronized across multiple locations from a secure server, making TeachTown Basics a truly portable therapy.
Progress Monitoring
How to Order
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Learning Domains
Six Key Learning Domains and Five Developmental Levels
Adaptive Skills
Cognitive Skills
Language Arts
Language Development
Social and Emotional
Generalization Lessons
Software alone is not enough and TeachTown Basics is a complete program. We don’t believe in the “teacher in a box” approach. Generalization lessons are a fundamental part of the program and of any ABA therapy. Such lessons are necessary for students to demonstrate acquired skills in a different educational setting.

Our program offers 300 generalization lessons that are clearly and explicitly written, making the lessons easy to implement for educators, para-educators, and caregivers. The curriculum for the generalization lessons includes the same 6 learning domains and 5 levels as the computer curriculum, and each activity is linked to one or more lessons in the TeachTown Basics software.

There are numerous opportunities for individualizing the generalization lessons. A sliding ability curriculum map within each activity makes it easy to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of students with varying ability levels:

  • Make it Easy: Provides a modified learning objective or additional prompting to make the lesson easier.
  • Make it Hard: Increases the difficulty level of the learning objective, promoting expressive language and skill independence.
  • Make it Fun: Further promotes generalization by including fun, engaging, and interactive components to the lesson.
  • Make it Meaningful: Provides suggestions on how to make the lesson more meaningful for the student, promoting generalization in other environments and across multiple individuals.
  • Related Activities: Suggests other activities that further address the learning objective and similar related skills.
Aligning Instruction to Student IEPs
Teachers and facilitators have the ability to align the TeachTown curriculum to individual student goals and objectives.
Aligning to Student IEPs
TeachTown's products have the foundations of applied behavior analysis and are informed by evidence-based practices identified by the National Autism Center and the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders. An empirical study of TeachTown Basics provided documentation for supporting technology-aided instruction and intervention as an evidence-based practice in the National Professional Development Center's review of evidence-based research in the field of autism.
Evidence of Effectiveness
Stakeholders have a vested interest in knowing that the educational programs proposed to impact the lives of children with autism and special needs are based, as far as possible, on evidence, so that the resources available to fund these programs are used in the most efficient and effective way possible. Surprisingly, there is little known about the impact of any curricula on the outcomes of students with special needs. Evaluation studies drawing on multiple methodologies and meeting scientific standards can provide that information. TeachTown® is committed to actively participate in high-quality research on its programs that address not only the question of what works, but also the question for whom it is effective, as well as what factors moderate program effectiveness.

Click on the studies below to learn more about the meaningful educational gains students using TeachTown Basics were able to achieve.

Los Angeles USD, CA Study
Killeen ISD, TX Study
Anson, NC Study
Madison, AZ Study
Groden Center Day Program
Systemwide Data

To download a copy of TeachTown Evidence of Effectiveness report, please click here.
Evidence of Effectiveness
TeachTown Professional Services Division is what clearly differentiates the level of fidelity and implementation your program will experience.
Professional Services
Scope and Sequence
Click below to view our Scope and Sequence documents:
Generalization Lessons (PDF)
Computer Lessons (PDF)
Scope and Sequence
TeachTown Basics provides correlations and alignments to Common Core State Standards and state curriculum frameworks.
Correlations to State Standards and Assessments
Federal Funding Programs can help pay for TeachTown's products and services. We’ve aligned our products to each funding source making it easy for you.
Funding Program Alignments
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