Basics - Independence

TeachTown allows children to begin a path of independent learning

TeachTown Basics includes features (such as automatic prompting and predictable expectations) to increase your child's independence. Simply start the program, and with little assistance your child can work through the lessons. Intermittent reinforcements motivate your child to continue using the program independently. The Generalization Lessons provide an opportunity to implement the skill in a variety of environments.

The TeachTown Basics curriculum can be customized in two ways:

  • The curriculum self-adjusts based on your child's progress in each lesson
  • Curriculum can be chosen by the computer or by the parent, to meet the child’s individual needs.

Before your child begins using TeachTown Basics, simply complete the Student Questionnaire. The Student Questionnaire is used to place your child at an individualized starting point in each of the six TeachTown Basics learning domains. TeachTown Basics automatically chooses computer lessons for him or her. Initially, it chooses lessons based on your answers to the Student Questionnaire. As your child moves through the curriculum, TeachTown Basics selects new lessons based on your child's progress.

After taking the placement questionnaire, you never have to select a computer lesson for your child. However, there are times when you will want to choose specific computer lessons for your child. Common reasons for parents selecting specific lessons are to give your child extra help with challenging topics. Parents can easily review the entire TeachTown Basics curriculum and quickly select lessons for your child.

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"Both of my sons with autism love TeachTown! I don't think they even realize that they are doing work because they are having so much fun."

Jenny Maloni,

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