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Our at home Basics program combines computer lessons with offline activities for children with autism and special needs who are developmentally 2 to 7 years old. Addressing language learning, communication skills and emotional development, parents love their child's improved behavior after spending time with TeachTown Basics.

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TeachTown: Basics Home is a terrific way for your child to reinforce skills learned at school.

TeachTown Basics Home starts by presenting you a Placement Questionnaire about your child. Your answers to the Placement Questionnaire will determine the appropriate starting point for your child in each of the six TeachTown: Basics learning domains.

As your child masters lessons, the program will automatically re-adjust to accommodate for skills already learned and will present new skills to your child.

For best results, we recommend that your child completes two 15-20 minutes sessions a day. For your child's first computer session, select a 5 minute length then gradually increase to the length recommended.

In addition to the On Computer Lessons, TeachTown Basics also has off computer Generalization Lessons that go hand in hand with what your child is learning on the computer. The Generalization Lessons help your child generalize the skills they learn on the computer into the natural setting. Refer to the Fun Stuff page for materials that support what your child is learning.

Home Jenny Maloni Testimonial

Parent, Jenny Maloni, tells how TeachTown: Basics has helped her two sons with autism.

  • Independence

    TeachTown allows your child to work freely at their own pace and level while animated reinforcers encourage independence.
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  • On Computer Lessons

    Comprehensive lessons address standardized assessments in adaptive skills, cognitive skills, language, math, emotional development and social skills.
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  • Generalization Lessons

    Over 300 fun activities to print and use in the home to encourage generalization of skills in a variety of environments.
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  • Learning Domains

    Our over 800 On Computer Lessons and Generalization Lessons are divided into six key learning domains.
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  • Reporting

    Student activity and progress is recorded, analyzed and organized into reports for easy viewing.
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  • Reinforcement

    TeachTown allows your child to work freely at their own pace and level while animated reinforcers encourage independence.
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You are welcome to review these with your child's treatment and educational team for feedback. Contact us with additional questions.

"Both of my sons with autism love TeachTown! I don't think they even realize that they are doing work because they are having so much fun."

Jenny Maloni,

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