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Children love the engaging and motivating TeachTown characters. Children build emotional bonds with the characters and in turn are motivated to complete the reward-based tasks.

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Our at home Basics program combines computer lessons with offline activities for children with autism and special needs who are developmentally 2 to 7 years old. Addressing language learning, communication skills and emotional development, parents love their child's improved behavior after spending time with TeachTown: Basics.

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Parent, Jenny Maloni, tells how TeachTown: Basics has helped her two sons with autism.

  • Independence

    TeachTown allows your child to work freely at their own pace and level while animated reinforcers encourage independence.
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  • On Computer Lessons

    Comprehensive lessons address standardized assessments in adaptive skills, cognitive skills, language, math, emotional development and social skills.
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  • Off Computer Activities

    Over 300 fun activities to print and use in the home to encourage generalization of skills in a variety of environments.
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You are welcome to review these with your child's treatment and educational team for feedback. Contact us with additional questions.

"Both of my sons with autism love TeachTown! I don't think they even realize that they are doing work because they are having so much fun."

Jenny Maloni,

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