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The program frees additional time for teachers to work with individual students

In early intervention programs, many students have few lessons that they can complete independently, but TeachTown Basics lessons include mechanisms (such as automatic prompting and predictable expectations) to increase student independence. While some students are working independently on the TeachTown Basics computer lessons, the teacher has more time to work individually and in small groups with the remaining students. In addition, the Generalization Lessons are paraeducator friendly. While the paraeducator is facilitating an Generalization Lessons with a student or students, the teacher gains even more time to work individually with other students.

The TeachTown Basics curriculum can be customized in two ways:

  1. The curriculum self-adjusts based on the student’s progress in each lesson
  2. The teacher can prescribe lessons when appropriate

Before a student begins using TeachTown Basics, the teacher (or other adult knowledgeable about the student’s skills) takes a Student Questionnaire. The Student Questionnaire is used to place the student at an individualized starting point in each of the six TeachTown:Basics learning domains. TeachTown Basics automatically chooses computer lessons for the student. Initially, it chooses lessons based on the teacher’s answers to the Student Questionnaire. As the student moves through the curriculum, TeachTown Basics selects new lessons based on the student’s progress.

After taking the placement questionnaire, the teacher never has to select a computer lesson for the student. However, there are times when a teacher will want to choose specific computer lessons for the student. Common reasons for the teacher selecting specific lessons for the student are to align to an IEP goal, to align to a state or district content standard, to provide pre-teaching for a classroom activity in a self-contained or an inclusion classroom, or to provide pre-teaching for an upcoming field trip. Teachers can easily review the entire TeachTown Basics curriculum and quickly select lessons for a student.

With TeachTown Basics, teachers are not forced to choose between selecting lessons themselves and letting the computer automatically select lessons for the students. Each time a student computer session is started, the adult chooses whether to use the computer selected lessons or the teacher selected lessons.

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