Basics - Automated Tracking
& Reporting

TeachTown Basics hosts several tools to help you keep track and monitor your students' progress.

  • Student progress is recorded, analyzed and organized into reports automatically, and is available anytime for the student’s education team.
  • The program contains data tracking and reporting which is synchronized using a hosted data server and encrypted internet communication allowing student usage on any computer. Such synchronization allows for consistent programming and allows for school administrators to remotely track classrooms district-wide.
  • Teachers are provided the automated data analysis in the form of graphs and reports for IEP meetings and report cards. And the administrators are provided monthly reports for their school district.

Hear are some examples of our reports about a specific student.  These reports are available to everyone on the student’s education team.

Student Lesson Information Table

The TeachTown Basics Organizational Usage Reports include usage and progress for all students using the program in your organization. They are distributed to your designated program administrators each month. Your Client Services Manager reviews the reports with your administrators monthly to provide assistance and assure program fidelity.

Types of Reports Included

  • Student Summary
  • Facilitator Summary by Student
  • Facilitator Summary
  • Organizational Summary

These reports are provided monthly to assist administrators with program implementation and fidelity in an easy and efficient manner. If administrators want additional information about a particular student, they can login to their TeachTown: Basics account and view more detailed information about each student in report and graph form.

Student Summary Report

The Student Summary report provides a complete list of all students currently enrolled in the program. The first two columns show the current month’s usage, and the other columns show cumulative student progress.

Student Summary Report Image

Facilitator Summary by Student Report

The Facilitator Summary by Student provides a page for each of your facilitators (teachers, SLPs, etc). It includes a list of their students with usage and progress for each student.

Organizational Summary by Student Report Image

Facilitator Summary Report

The Facilitator Summary Report shows an overall student usage total and average student progress for each facilitator (teacher, SLP, etc).

Facilitator Summary Report Image

Organizational Summary Report

The Organizational Summary Report shows an overall usage total and average student progress across your organization.

Organizational Summary Report Image

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