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The TeachTown Professional Services Division is comprised of two departments, Client Services and Professional Development. These departments work collaboratively to provide the client with the training and support required to ensure TeachTown: Basics is implemented with fidelity and success.

The Professional Services Division has significant experience working with students with ASD and other developmental needs. As a result of that experience, we are pleased to offer the TeachTown Fidelity Partnership Plan. Every school district we work with will be assigned a representative from our Client Services department to ensure the highest levels of fidelity are met from the very beginning of our relationship.

The TeachTown Fidelity Partnership Plan includes three distinct categories of service. Each category has a very specific purpose but the underlying goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and favorable outcomes for students.

The categories are:

1. Implementation Planning and Documentation

Implementation planning documentation provides insight to student profiles, classroom dynamics, technology, training overview and expectations, fidelity planning, and setting program goals and scheduling.

Planning begins by scheduling a call or meeting with the district’s key stakeholders, which can include the Director of Special Education, a program coordinator (or similar) for the district, and any other school district personnel responsible for the successful implementation of TeachTown: Basics. The initial planning call should also include the TeachTown Partnership Director, the Professional Development Representative responsible for the training, and the Client Services Representative assigned to the client partnership.

Proper implementation planning and documentation is the foundation for a successful experience with TeachTown, Inc. The implementation process is the precursor to installation and training where we guide the client through the steps that are necessary to make sure TeachTown: Basics is introduced to our clients’ program with a high level of fidelity and integrity. It provides a guiding document that assures roles are assigned, timelines and milestones are met, and goals are accomplished.

2. Training Services

The Professional Development department is highly qualified in the field of education. All TeachTown trainers are board certified behavior analysts (BCBA) with both classroom and clinical experience. Their passion for working with students and educators to support best practices in the classroom drive continued improvements and training concepts.

Professional development sessions must be completed in the sequence outlined below. Each session is a pre-requisite for the following session. These sessions have a standard format, but the team strives to customize each session based on the implementation meeting that occurs before the training. Training services are customized with the intention of maximizing each district’s capacity and existing resources and address the needs of students.

Session descriptions are listed below.

TeachTown: Basics Training Program
TeachTown: Basics Training Program provides teachers and specialists guided exploration to familiarize the user with the product and build the confidence needed to implement TeachTown: Basics in the classroom on a daily basis.

It is our goal that every participant completes the training prepared to implement TeachTown: Basics with their students beginning the next day.

Introduction to TeachTown: Basics
Participants learn how to incorporate TeachTown: Basics into their students’ daily schedule and how the program increases student learning. Topics include: program navigation, starting a students session, selecting lessons, viewing reports, creating facilitator and student accounts, completing the student placement questionnaire, selecting lessons, and implementation guidelines.

Using TeachTown: Basics Off Computer Activities
Participants will learn how to effectively use the Off Computer Activities in TeachTown: Basics. The Off Computer Activities provide the student with the opportunity to work on generalization, expressive language, imitation, motor skills, joint attention, and building relationships. In addition, participants learn how to use research-based, effective teaching strategies that can be used not only for the Off Computer Activities, but throughout the entire school day.

Introduction to Data Driven Instruction and Decision Making Using TeachTown: Basics
Participants learn how to use the student data that is automatically collected by the program. Topics include: using all levels of the TeachTown: Basics reports to guide instruction, selecting lessons based on student progress and IEP goals, and understanding raw and summary data. Recommendations are also made regarding how to work with the students’ educational team to use the TeachTown: Basics reports and communication systems to provide comprehensive, coherent and individualized instruction to each student.

3. Implementation Fidelity Oversight

The role of the Client Services department is to provide each district and its educators with the resources required to make data-driven decisions to ensure fidelity. Monitoring progress and oversight are required to maintain an implementation with the highest level of fidelity. The services delivered by our Client Services department include monthly usage reports, mid year and year end evaluation meetings and client support. The Client Services Representative will document all communications with your staff and schedule proactive monthly calls to review questions, gather feedback, and plan for next steps.

Monthly Usage Reports
At the end of each month your Client Services Representative sends the TeachTown: Basics Monthly Usage Report to designated program administrators. This report is made up of four different usage summaries. Your Client Services Representative goes through these summaries and reviews them during a monthly call to provide assistance and assure program fidelity.

Mid Year and Year End Evaluation Meetings
Part of the implementation meeting is to schedule both the Mid Year and Year End Evaluation meetings. The meetings are scheduled with the administration and site coordinators who are overseeing the TeachTown: Basics program. The purpose of these meetings is to evaluate the progress of the implementation to date and plan for future next steps. We also review what aspects need improvement so that the necessary resources can be applied to reach the desired goals.

Client Support
Your TeachTown Client Service Representative provides various levels and aspects of support. Standard support includes communications to administrators, coordinators, teachers, technical team, and other resource staff. Support topics may range from daily scheduling, installation, suggested usage expectations, technical inquiries, data reporting, student progress, in addition to managing staff and student accounts. The Client Services department has an outstanding reputation for their willingness to provide both proactive and reactive support as needed.

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