Basics - Supports Early Learning

TeachTown: Basics is an early intervention program for students developmentally 2 to 7 years old. The curriculum addresses early childhood learning standards and helps educators address commonly used IEP goals and skills measured in standardized assessments. Our On Computer Lessons and Off Computer Activities include over 800 lessons in six key learning domains:

Adaptive Skills

The Adaptive Skills domain teaches your student independent life skills. Lessons in Adaptive Skills focus on teaching your student self-awareness, self-care, self-help skills, and fundamental daily living skills. Lesson subjects include learning about body parts, food types, clothing items, time, money, safety, and the community.

Cognitive Skills

The Cognitive Skills domain teaches your student deductive reasoning, critical thinking, and logical reasoning skills. Lessons in Cognitive Skills focus on teaching your student problem solving, following multiple step directions, and organizing items into categories. Lesson subjects include learning about topics such as shapes, comparisons, matching, sequencing, and associations.

Language Arts

The Language Arts domain teaches your student early reading skills. Lessons in Language Arts focus on teaching your student the foundations of reading comprehension. Lesson subjects include phonics, upper and lower case letter identification, sight words, language comprehension, spelling, and basic narrative structure.

Language Development

The Language Development domain teaches your student communication skills. Lessons in Language Development focus on teaching your student new vocabulary, enhanced word recognition, listening skills, and other fundamental language skills. Lesson subjects include learning about words, parts of speech, conjunctions, the fundamentals of grammar, and how to answer questions.


The Mathematics domain teaches your student math skills. Lessons in Mathematics focus on teaching your student the basics of number recognition and mathematical principles. Lesson subjects include number awareness, counting, matching quantity to numerals, number patterns, addition, subtraction, fractions, numerical sequences, and comparisons (more and less).

Social and Emotional Skills

The Social and Emotional Skills domain teaches your student basic social knowledge as a foundation for more complex social interactions. Lessons in Social and Emotional Skills focus on teaching your students how to identify emotions, recognize the causes of emotions in others, and attending to relevant social information. Lesson subjects include recognizing facial expressions, following eye gaze, and identifying good friend habits.

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"The kids love TeachTown, and are very motivated to learn!"

Becky Byers
Teacher, Baltimore, MD

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