TeachTown: Basics Classroom

Online and offline lessons that engage and motivate children with autism while providing teachers with real-time data reports on every student’s progress. Social Skills Product Photo

TeachTown: Basics combines computer lessons with offline activities for students who are developmentally 2 to 7 years old. Our automatic data tracking and reporting system allows teachers more time for individual attention with their students, and addresses early learning standards and IEP goals. Teachers love that it is research-based and kids are highly motivated because it's fun.

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Federal Funding Programs can help pay for TeachTown's innovative Early Intervention Developmental Software.

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  • Individualized Instruction

    TeachTown curriculum increases student independence, freeing additional time for teachers to work with other students one on one.
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  • Computer-based Lessons

    Our comprehensive lessons address standardized assessments in adaptive skills, cognitive skills, language, mathematics, emotional development and social skills.
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  • Off Computer Activities

    Included are over 300 activities that are fun, meaningful and challenging, all of which are important when teaching children with autism. Activities have behavioral and measurable objectives as well.
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  • Automated Tracking & Reporting

    Student activity and progress is recorded, analyzed and organized into reports for teachers to use for IEP meetings, report cards and school district reporting.
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  • Addressing IEP Goals

    TeachTown addresses early childhood learning standards and helps address commonly used IEP goals and skills measured in standardized assessments. This in turn helps teachers with lesson plans and IEP reporting.
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  • Connects School and Home

    Optional tools are integrated to allow for shared student data between parents, teachers and clinicians in a secure environment. This makes every online lesson and offline activity available to parents at home so they may share in their child's progress.
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Professional Services

To ensure the best results for students and school districts, TeachTown offers training that includes implementation planning, training services and oversight.
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