Volume 2: Interpersonal Skills

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"Respond When You Are Greeted"

Students will learn that it's nice to stop what they're doing and say "hello" to someone new.

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"Be a Good Listener"

Students will learn that it's polite to stay quiet and make eye contact when another person is talking.

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"Ask Before You Hug"

Students will learn to ask for permission before hugging another student.

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"How to Join Friends During Playtime"

Students will learn strategies to initiate play with other children.

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"Respect Personal Space"

Students will learn to stand about an arm's length away when talking to another person.

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"It's More Fun to Share"

Students will learn that sharing is a foundation of having fun.

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"Take Turns with Toys"

Students will learn to follow rules and wait until it's their turn to play.

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"Sometimes Things Break by Accident"

Students will learn that when they have an accident and break something, it's okay.

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"Look When Saying Goodbye"

Students will learn to look others in the eye when saying "goodbye."

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"Say Why You're Mad"

Students will learn that if they're mad, it's important to tell someone why.

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"As a former Special Education Teacher I spent a great deal of time trying to communicate with my students the importance of Social Skills. The Teachtown products not only accomplish this, but they do it better! The interactive materials are designed to not only entertain students, but engage them on important lessons. I am excited to share this product with teachers!"
Stephanie Day - 2010 Washington DC Teacher of the Year

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