Volume 1: Following Rules

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"Wait to Speak Until Called Upon"

Students will learn to speak in class during teacher led learning time only if they raise their hand and the teacher calls on them.

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"Follow Fire Drill Instructions"

Students will learn how to stay safe while properly performing a fire drill.

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"Raise Your Hand Before Speaking Out"

Students will learn to raise their hands to answer questions in class without calling out.

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"Use a Quiet Voice Inside"

Students will learn that when they need assistance, they should sit quietly, raise their hands, and wait patiently.

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"Be Still and Quiet in Line"

Students will learn why it's important to stay still and quiet while waiting in line.

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"Ask Before Interrupting Play"

Students will learn that it's important to ask first when they want to play with another student.

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"Listen When the Teacher Talks"

Students will learn to stay quiet and listen when the teacher is talking.

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"Play By the Rules"

Students will learn that they need to take turns when playing games with their peers.

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"Sit When the Teacher Says"

Students will learn that it's important to listen to the teacher and follow his/her instructions.

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"Use Lunchtime Manners"

Students will learn to eat properly and not play with their food.

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Stephanie Day - 2010 Washington DC Teacher of the Year

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