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TeachTown has built a Social Skills curriculum for ALL students, categorizing it into 2 corresponding versions: TeachTown: Social Skills for students with special needs/autism and TeachTown: Social Skills for general education students. It is important to teach all students to conduct themselves in ways that allow them to develop relationships with others and to learn appropriate behavior in the classroom. Our Social Skills program for general education accompanies your purchase of the special needs/autism Social Skills program. All students will learn the same skill, however, the teaching strategies will differ to meet the individual needs of your students. TeachTown's Social Skills program provides the kind of consistency that is needed to build peer relationships in all inclusive environments as well as Special Education and General Education classrooms. Every student in your school will introduced to the same target social skill, with each version being instructed in a method appropriate for the target population of that classroom. The end result is an inclusive achievement of critical social skills throughout your entire school.

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"As a former Special Education Teacher I spent a great deal of time trying to communicate with my students the importance of Social Skills. The Teachtown products not only accomplish this, but they do it better! The interactive materials are designed to not only entertain students, but engage them on important lessons. I am excited to share this product with teachers!"
Stephanie Day - 2010 Washington DC Teacher of the Year

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