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Each volume of TeachTown Social Skills includes:

  • One DVD with 10 animated episodes, each focusing on one target social skill (theme)
  • One notebook of written curriculum
  • 10 themes, each focusing on one target social skill (e.g., "Use a Quiet Voice Inside").
    Each theme includes:
  • Lesson Plans
  • Goal & Objective
  • Related Skills
  • Materials Needed
  • Preparation
  • Extension Activities
  • One CD of all binder curriculum digital documents for easy duplication

TeachTown: Social Skills Lesson Plans

Five teacher-driven lessons and one extension activity to be implemented sequentially:

Day 1: Priming

This first lesson involves teachers observing their students to determine their current level of proficiency in the target social skill (e.g., asking before they play with others). It also includes a “priming” section in which the teacher introduces the target skill with visual supports, followed by the first viewing of the animated episode.

Day 2: Introduction

This lesson focuses on demonstrating an understanding of the target social skill through the video modeling animation. First, your students will watch the episode, followed by an activity. The lesson ends with a final check for comprehension of the episode and target social skill.

Day 3: Social Comic

TeachTown’s animated characters are used as social models in this lesson. Each student will assemble their own comic book that tells the characters’ story, and the class will read the comic book together, reinforcing the target social skill. Following the reading of the story, students will retell the story in a variety of ways, using the comic book as a support.

Day 4: Perspective Taking

In this lesson, students will work to understand characters’ emotions. The activities focus on emotions and facial expressions of the characters, helping the students to understand that there is a connection between feelings, facial expressions, and behaviors.

Day 5: Generalization

This lesson teaches the target social skill in a variety of environments so students will understand that the target skill is necessary in many different places and situations. Students are then directed to an activity in which the teacher observes them to determine if the target skill has generalized. If not, teachers are to repeat the lesson. This lesson also encourages students to put themselves in the place of the characters to determine how they would feel if they were in the same situation.

Day 6: Extension Activity

Students will learn how to predict possible situations in which the target social skill would be necessary. Students will also learn alternate solutions or choices available to them if another person does not respond to the target social skill, such as coping with rejection. Activities also include the students’ own feelings about the target skill and their perception of how they might feel in similar situations.


Look Inside a Lesson

Goal & Objective

Socially valid theme goals are developed by on-staff clinicians and reflect input from teachers and parents. Each theme focuses on one goal, and each lesson concentrates on a specific objective aimed at meeting this goal. Both the goal and the objective are displayed on each lesson.

Related Skills

While each lesson focuses on a specific goal and objective, they also address other important skills. These skills are listed in this area.

Materials Needed

This area lists the materials necessary to complete the lesson and should be read prior to starting the lesson. Most lessons require at least a television or projector, and a DVD player. Visit and print out the TeachTown character coloring pages, TeachTown puppets, and TeachTown character expression pages.


Each lesson is written to take no more than 20 minutes of instructional time, including preparation. This area should be read prior to starting the lesson.

Steps to Social Success

Each lesson plan clearly outlines the individual steps necessary to teach the target social skill.


TeachTown: Social Skills lessons also include:


Make it Easy & Make it Hard

Ideas for differentiated instruction are included so that teachers can reach students at various levels of performance while teaching a whole-group lesson.

Character Catch Phrase

Each animation features at least one character who learns and is rewarded for using the target social skill. Teachers can use this catch phrase to remind students what the character(s) learned and also as a cue to practice the target social skill.

Vocabulary Words

TeachTown experts have compiled lists of meaningful vocabulary words from each animation. These lists are provided for teachers to use with their students throughout each theme  (e.g., these words are important for the understanding of the lessons).

Related Activities

Teachers can use the related activities to practice the target social skill outside of the designated lesson time.

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