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Kids Learn From Our Characters

Our cast of characters was developed by the team of animators at TeachTown. Ginger, Jelly, Pico, Mochi, and Ms. Mapleton are featured in the TeachTown: Social Skills animated episodes and act as role models for improving the targeted social skill behaviors. Each character was carefully designed with the purpose of creating a believable world with relatable characters where students will form emotional bonds. As a result of this emotional connection, children who engage with TeachTown characters are more likely to develop better skill acquisition, generalization, attention to task, and fewer behavioral issues due to enhanced motivation.

Koegel, R. L., Tran, Q., Mossman, A., & Koegel, L. K. (2006).
Incorporating Motivational Procedures to Improve Homework Performance
Pivotal Response Treatments for Autism: Communication, Social, & Academic Development (pp. 81-92). Baltimore: Paul H Brookes.

Best Friends!

Each of the animated personalities in TeachTown have a strong character and a well-rounded personality that viewers of any age can delight in. Although our animated friends sometimes make mistakes, like any other child, they're good friends with good hearts, who know how to have fun with one another! TeachTown brings out the best in its animated characters, because its characters bring out the best in TeachTown.


For Jelly, every morning isn't just the start of a new day, but also the beginning of a new set of challenges. For this hard-working, goal-oriented achiever, he can accomplish whatever he sets his mind to, as long as he plans out a meticulous schedule to follow!


Sure, Pico can be shy, sensitive, and quiet sometimes, but once he gets to know you, he'll blast off like a rocket, telling hilarious stories, like the time he caught 10 fireflies with nothing but his cap! His friends enjoy his silly spirit, especially when he launches into his physical comedy antics.


Look out rain clouds, here comes Ginger, and she’s not about to let you dampen her fun! An outgoing, spontaneous adventurer, Ginger enjoys making new friends and sharing her warmhearted smile with everyone in TeachTown!


Whiz kid, Mochi, has all of the answers. He knows that ants can lift 20 times their body weight, how alligators are different than crocodiles, and that a baker's dozen is 13, not 12. However, Mochi is sometimes absent-minded and forgets the most basic things, like putting on his socks before his shoes.

Ms Mapleton Ms. Mapleton is the children's fearless guide, unflinching supporter, and is always there to help with advice from her infinite well of wisdom. With her lighthearted spirit and reliable nature, Ms. Mapleton is the children's biggest champion!

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